Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Feeling Hot Hot Hot....

Holy cow! Here I thought the snow would NEVER END and it's now 95 degrees outside. Just these past few days I've been reminded of why fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year.

I hate trying to blow dry and curl my hair in the summer. It's too hot for all that stuff! I hate getting into a car that is warmer than an oven, and sticking to leather seats in a skirt is the WORST!

Lagoon was fun on Saturday, but the heat took it's toll on us. And we're going back this Saturday where it's expected to be even warmer and a part of me is already dreading it. Guess we'll be in lines for all the water rides :) Here's a pic of me, Michael and David waiting in line for a ride (sorry it's kind of blurry, it was taken with Dave's phone):

BUT- even though it's hot, it has been nice enough in the evenings when the sun goes down that we can sit out on the deck and enjoy the zen area Michael and I have created. I love sitting out there as of an evening with the citronella and lemon grass candles burning, the fountain running, and my twinkling solar lights. Summer is good, and I suppose the heat is bearable when sipping down an ice cold root beer float. :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Welcome Weekend

Tomorrow is Lagoon day. I'm looking forward to it since I haven't been for three years. I hope it isn't too hot to enjoy.

I'm also looking forward to the weekend. Hopefully I find some time to rest and relax too. Although I know I have to get the house ready for guests, and the basement needs a lot of attention before we get our new carpet installed.

It never ends does it?!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Random Ramlings...

I have to leave this vague because I don't want reveal the identity of this person (because I actually like this person). So today at work, I'm standing there going over a few things on a project we're working on together, and I get a whiff of how this person smells (you know how each individual has a smell, be it perfume, cologne, or just... stench?). Well, I was close enough to smell this person's hair when he/she would move. And it smelled like fertilizer. That stiny, pooey, burnt smell. I know, how weird is that?

And another thing? I'm so over the Utah Arts Festival and how it's the same.damn.thing every single year. It's always too hot to enjoy. It's too over crowded for personal space comfort, and the people watching isn't even that great anymore (even though most of em that go are total freaks and weirdos- ya know, the "artsy fartsy" type).

I'm just OVER IT.

Monday, June 22, 2009

He Aint No Bob Ross...

Ya know what? I'm annoyed.

While driving to work today on 215, I noticed some rather large, ugly graffiti tagged on one of the bridges above the freeway. I don't know why, but this immediately stirred a reaction of pissy-ness and sadness in me.

I know I'm about to sound like my father by saying "Don't kids have anything better to do with their time than destroy what isn't theirs?" But c'mon, he has a point. A GOOD point.

WHY? I mean really, why?

There has to be plenty more exciting things in life than purchasing a can of spray paint and creating crappy art on some dated cinder block. I just don't get it.

And as I drove to work, I actually thought to myself about how thankful I am that this town isn't as decorated in graffiti as other places I've been.

If you want to be an artist, that's great. Just don't go painting a city that doesn't belong to you.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hey Sweaty!

LOL I just had to share what happened yesterday.

If you read my blog you know yesterday was my 2 year anniversary being married to my sweet husband (see post below). What I didn't mention (because I wrote the blog before it happened) was that I got 12 beautiful red roses delivered to work. My husband has wonderful taste.

What was so funny about the whole thing was the card that came with the roses. Obviously Michael dictated to the person on the phone that he wanted the card to read: "Happy anniversary sweetie! I love you, Michael" but what the card actually reads is: "Happy Anniversary Sweaty! I love you, Michael".

Hahaha, "Sweaty" (so not what my husband meant for the card).
Looks like SOMEONE over at the Flower Patch needs a spelling lesson (or hearing aids) :P

But I'm not complaining, a rose is a rose, and 12 are all the more sweat, er I mean sweet!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2 Year Anniversary

Well, today it's official. Michael and I have been married for two years. In ways it feels like longer than that (probably because of all that has happened since we met and got engaged) and in other ways, it feels like it's only been 6 months (probably because he only got here in January and that's how long we've been actually living together like normal husbands and wives do).

Regardless of how long it has been, or how long it has felt like, it has been a wonderful ride. I've learned so much about myself and Michael. I know that I married the perfect man for me. Michael is so accepting of who I am (most of the time). He lets me stay up or sleep in as late as I want to, and he doesn't complain when I eat Rasinettes in bed. He doesn't say anything when I don't feel like doing my hair or makeup, he just smiles and says "cute, sweetie" and he's sincere about it.

I love that my husband knows when to listen, and when to give advice. He understands that I'm complicated, but capable of loving him regardless of what each day brings. He has taught me a lot as well. Not only about marriage, but life in general.

There are nights when I lay awake and fear what would become of my life if he weren't such a big part of it. I honestly don't know what I would do without him. I've always been such an independent person, but Michael has become such an intricate part of my life, that I don't know if I could face the day without him. I depend on him, I live for him, I would do or give anything for him, and most of all, I love him- whole heartedly.

Here's to another year sweetie, and many more to follow!
I love you!

And here's a pic of all our friends and family who shared in that beautiful, memorable day with us! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Step 1: Read entry posted yesterday.

Step 2: While reading post below, replace missing, chocolate-frosted brownie with what is now a missing bag of milk chocolate rasinettes.

Step 3: Insert bitchy comment about how I am going to strangle whomever ate my rasinettes (there are only two boys in my house at the moment: my step son Kyle, and my husband Michael, and I have a pretty good idea where my missing rasinettes are).

Step 4: Repeat threat that anyone living in my house without a vagina better steer clear.

Step 5: Get that damn snow cone tonight since crappy weather kept me from going out last night.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Don't Even Think About, Look At, or Touch that Brownie

Let me take a moment to define what PMS is (at least in my case):

Standing in front of an open refrigerator wearing pj shorts because I'm hot, but also wearing a fleece jacket over my night shirt because I'm cold. (Insert unspoken bitchy remark about how my husband keeps the house at the average temperature of umpteen degrees below zero).

While standing in front of the open fridge, I'm munching down a handful of nacho cheese Doritos because the bag was the first thing I saw (and could reach without the step-stool) in the pantry.

When nothing in the fridge looks like it will satisfy my craving, I assess the counter top and reach for Michael's last remaining snicker doodle (because some else ate the last remaining chocolate frosted brownie that I actually really, Really, REALLY WANTED and had been craving, thinking about, OBSESSING over eating for the last hour. But alas the brownie is gone). Insert comment about how anyone living in the house without a vagina better steer clear of of my god damn brownies.

Since my brownies are MIA, I instead turn to a handful of raisinettes which do NOT mix well with the aftertaste of Doritos. Needing to wash that down, I grab a Dr. Pepper.

Now that the pallet is clear and ready for new consumption, I pop another salty, crunchy Dorito in my mouth (again, it's all about proximity in these times of desperation) and all the while I'm crunching this poor Dorito, I'm thinking about how I really want something soft, chewy, and sweet (like a chocloate frosted brownie).

Still freezing/sweating, I retreat upstairs to go to bed, irrationally annoyed at my husband for a handful of no good reasons (I take that back as he is probably the one who ate my brownie). I hop into bed thinking "So God help Michael. If he even snores at all tonight, I'll shove my foot up his ass with the force of a charging rhino in heat."

Next morning, put on work acceptable fat pants, bitch about crappy hair day, and feel bloated all day at work. Insert comment about how I hate skinny bitches who can eat whatever they want and put on a size 2 pair of pants.

Considering Michael works for Homeland Security, I felt this warning would be appropriate for all:

All I know is that tonight, I'm getting a snow cone. And Michael is paying.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Because it's MMMYYYYYY Birthday :)

I'm turning 29 on Sunday. Crazy how fast time has gone by. For some reason, in my mind I'm still 26. I guess that's a good thing right? Young at heart? I think it's because 26 was such a life changing year for me. I went back and started the master's program when I was 26. I met Michael that year and went to North Carolina several times. I lost a job that year. I got a new job making more money than I ever had in previous jobs that year. So to say the least, A LOT happened when I was 26.

But now I'm wondering what this new year, and new age will bring. Already this year my husband retired from the Marines and was able to move here to be with me. Already this year I have started a new job and am a manager for the first time in my life, and am now making even more money than any previous job I've ever held. Already this year I have graduated with my masters, and already this year I have moved into the first house I have ever purchased. So to say the least, A LOT has happened this year already. But I know there is more to come.
It's funny how you can feel old and young at the same time. Maybe that's what being in your late 20's is all about. Maybe, to take it a step further, these mixed feelings are what life is all about. Who knows?.

I don't know everything that awaits me during my 29th year, but I do know that I will celebrate my 2 year anniversary with my loving husband. I know for the 29th year in a row, I will share my birthday with Grandma Mary who is also turning another year the same day. I've always felt so special being able to share this day with her. I do know that Michael and I will be one step closer to taking the steps we need to in preparing to start a family. I do know that I'm going to try my best to be in less debt than I am now, and I do know that the road ahead is long. But I'm not afraid, because at 29 years young, there's probably (hopefully) not too much that I can't handle.

So here's to another year older and hopefully wiser. And thanks to all of you who have shared 28 wonderful years with me. And here's to the ones who will celebrate with me as I venture out on another exciting year.

P.S. You're never too old for gifts, so if you really want to know what I could use... a little plastic card with money on it from Lowes or Home Depot is just the thing I need :) *hint hint*

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Is it any wonder I can't muster up the energy for simple things lately? Let's see... here's how my past weekend went down:

Friday- Left work at noon, met mom at the house. Drove to Westminster to pick up cap and gown for graduation on Saturday. Took Mom to the TJ MAX Home Goods store (our favorite place to spend 3 consecutive hours). Then drove all the way downtown in rush hour to pick up Michael from work because his battery died in his car. Drove back home in rush hour. Had friends meet us at Outback Steak House for dinner. Ate till we were stuffed. Went home and played Rock Band till midnight. Went to bed.

Saturday- Got up at 9:00. Cleaned the kitchen. Got ready for graduation ceremony. Had to be at the E-Center by 1:00. Arrived at 1:15 because of traffic, road construction, and simply running late. Graduation started at 2:00 even though it was supposed to start at 1:45. Got out of graduation at 5:00 (yes, it took THAT long). Took pictures outside of the E-Center with Mom and Michael. Realized that Kyle was supposed to land at 5:00. Ran back into the E-Center to return cap, gown and master's hood. Abruptly left for the airport. Picked up Kyle and headed to dinner at Tucci's. Dropped Michael and Kyle off at home and took mom to Pier 1 Imports and Target. Shopped for a few hours, went home, went to bed.

Sunday- Got up at 9:00. Ran to Target in Ft. Union because the other one didn't have what Mom was looking for. Went to Old World Market. Went home and said goodbye to Mom. Michael and I made lunch, then headed out to buy him a battery for his car. Stopped at Home Depot. Found the perfect fountain for our garden but realized the store only had one left and it wasn't working. Only other store that had the same one was in Lindon. Purchased fountain over phone. Drove downtown and changed his car battery. Got a tour of Michael's office. Drove back home to pick up Kyle and KeeLee. Drove to Lindon to pick up fountain. Drove back home, stopped to pick up some dinner. Ate and then went into the garden to pull weeds, plant the remaining flowers, install fountain. Took shower because I was covered in mud. Crashed in bed and watched Expedition Africa on History channel. Went to sleep at 1:00 AM.

Yeah, so no wonder I was exhausted on Monday...and Tuesday...and today. I seriously have no motivation, no energy, and no guilt for my lazy ass doing NOTHING.

I am ready for a real weekend and yet I have a feeling this one isn't going to be any more relaxing because I'll be doing birthday stuff. *sigh* I need a sabbatical from work. Actually, from life. Oh, and some chocolate and peanut butter type of dessert with an ice cold Dr. Pepper to wash it all down.