Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hey Sweaty!

LOL I just had to share what happened yesterday.

If you read my blog you know yesterday was my 2 year anniversary being married to my sweet husband (see post below). What I didn't mention (because I wrote the blog before it happened) was that I got 12 beautiful red roses delivered to work. My husband has wonderful taste.

What was so funny about the whole thing was the card that came with the roses. Obviously Michael dictated to the person on the phone that he wanted the card to read: "Happy anniversary sweetie! I love you, Michael" but what the card actually reads is: "Happy Anniversary Sweaty! I love you, Michael".

Hahaha, "Sweaty" (so not what my husband meant for the card).
Looks like SOMEONE over at the Flower Patch needs a spelling lesson (or hearing aids) :P

But I'm not complaining, a rose is a rose, and 12 are all the more sweat, er I mean sweet!

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  1. But, perhaps, it was a not-so-subtle comment from Michael that you've been working too much in the yard... ;)