Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Little Red Hen

Sometimes I feel like the Little Red Hen.

You know the story right? The one that goes:

The Little Red Hen

The little Red Hen was in the farmyard with her chickens, when she found a grain of wheat.
"Who will plant this wheat?" she said.
"Not I," said the Goose.
"Not I," said the Duck.
"I will, then," said the little Red Hen, and she planted the grain of wheat.
When the wheat was ripe she said, "Who will take this wheat to the mill?"
"Not I," said the Goose.
"Not I," said the Duck.
"I will, then," said the little Red Hen, and she took the wheat to the mill.
When she brought the flour home she said, "Who will make some bread with this flour?"
"Not I," said the Goose.
"Not I," said the Duck.
"I will, then," said the little Red Hen.
When the bread was baked, she said, "Who will eat this bread?"
"I will," said the Goose
"I will," said the Duck
"No, you won't," said the little Red Hen. "I shall eat it myself. Cluck! cluck!" And she called her chickens to help her.

Let me just sum this up by saying that I am starting to feel like if I don't do things, things don't get done. And I say that because I have literally spent every day of my holiday "vacation" working in one form or another (with the exception of Christmas day).

I've done all the holiday decorating. If I didn't put up the tree, nobody would have.
I did all the shopping and wrapping, all the holiday baking and decorating, and all the holiday clean up as well (if I didn't put our tree away it'd still be up come July).
I've prepared homemade meals such as soups and spaghetti and then watched the dishes pile up in the sink for weeks because if I don't do them, nobody does... but oh how those meals were gobbled up.
I've purged the cold storage and made piles for donation (that will probably sit where I put them for weeks) and cleaned and organized to the point that I had to purchase icy-hot for my lower back because I can hardly move.
And although I'd love to spend a day just relaxing and enjoying my time off, the floors still need swept and mopped, the bathrooms still need scrubbed, laundry needs folded AND PUT AWAY INSTEAD OF PILED ON THE DRESSER, and other odds and ends require attention. MY attention because nobody else seems to care.

Last week was my husband's Christmas vacation. He and his son spent the week camped out in the basement watching movies, playing video games and munching on goodies.

This week is my holiday vacation and I've spent it working on my personal business endeavors, in addition to cleaning up all the holiday mess, and scrubbing the house. Some vacation eh? I need to go back to work just to get rested.

And yes I do work a full time job in addition to keep up the house. Also in addition to starting and growing my own business. So yeah, I'm exhausted to say the least. And I'm losing my patience, and growing ever so frustrated because the more tired I become, the more grouchy I feel like being (it's not rocket science that one thing leads to another).

So yeah, from now on, feel free to call me the Little Red Hen.
Too bad a wife wasn't under the Christmas tree with a name tag that said To: Michelle From: Santa. I sure could have used one. Maybe I'll ask for a maid for my birthday in June. That is, if I'm not dead from exhaustion before then.

Happy freakin' new year everyone.