Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Step 1: Read entry posted yesterday.

Step 2: While reading post below, replace missing, chocolate-frosted brownie with what is now a missing bag of milk chocolate rasinettes.

Step 3: Insert bitchy comment about how I am going to strangle whomever ate my rasinettes (there are only two boys in my house at the moment: my step son Kyle, and my husband Michael, and I have a pretty good idea where my missing rasinettes are).

Step 4: Repeat threat that anyone living in my house without a vagina better steer clear.

Step 5: Get that damn snow cone tonight since crappy weather kept me from going out last night.


  1. And it looks as though the Sno Cone that was VERY necessary last night was non-existent. Whoever heard of closing a snow cone shack (in June) because of "soggy" weather???? The idiocy!!

  2. I KNOW! "Soggy weather" for crying out loud. They're in a protected shack, with a roof. And ice, and cups, and syrup. SO DISH UP MY FLIPPIN SNOW CONE BIATCHES! And I want a hot pink spoon/straw this time!