Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2 Year Anniversary

Well, today it's official. Michael and I have been married for two years. In ways it feels like longer than that (probably because of all that has happened since we met and got engaged) and in other ways, it feels like it's only been 6 months (probably because he only got here in January and that's how long we've been actually living together like normal husbands and wives do).

Regardless of how long it has been, or how long it has felt like, it has been a wonderful ride. I've learned so much about myself and Michael. I know that I married the perfect man for me. Michael is so accepting of who I am (most of the time). He lets me stay up or sleep in as late as I want to, and he doesn't complain when I eat Rasinettes in bed. He doesn't say anything when I don't feel like doing my hair or makeup, he just smiles and says "cute, sweetie" and he's sincere about it.

I love that my husband knows when to listen, and when to give advice. He understands that I'm complicated, but capable of loving him regardless of what each day brings. He has taught me a lot as well. Not only about marriage, but life in general.

There are nights when I lay awake and fear what would become of my life if he weren't such a big part of it. I honestly don't know what I would do without him. I've always been such an independent person, but Michael has become such an intricate part of my life, that I don't know if I could face the day without him. I depend on him, I live for him, I would do or give anything for him, and most of all, I love him- whole heartedly.

Here's to another year sweetie, and many more to follow!
I love you!

And here's a pic of all our friends and family who shared in that beautiful, memorable day with us! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!


  1. I have to say, we are damn good-looking group of peeps, yo! Congrats on two years! And thanks for letting Jack and I be a part of your lives. It means the world to us.

  2. Yep, congrats on serving a full time misson long marriage! LOL That was one of the best days ever!:)

  3. We are one hell of a great looking crew! Congrats on 2 years and many many more to come!

    Love you!