Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm Still Here

I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth or anything, just been busy trying to get my business up and running. I've spent the better half of June conducting market research, writing a business plan, and meeting with folks at a local business center who help start up companies get going.

This business plan has pretty much been my life, day in and day out for the past few weeks. But I am learning so much writing it, and I know it's going to be important to have if I decide to venture out for a small business loan.

I've also been busy working with my designers on a logo, business cards, and a web site. I've finished writing all the web site copy, and my logo has been finalized, but my web site is still currently in the works. If you'd like to check out my logo, you can see it at (and go ahead and bookmark that as it is the future home of my web site once it's up and running).

So yeah, Utah Events by Design is on its way! I've already taken care of a lot of logistical things like applying for and receiving my official Utah State Business License (that was kinda cool to get in the mail), and I've secured a silent business partner/investor which is great news because starting a business aint cheap people. Especially if you want to advertise your business.

Okay, you're asking "What exatly does your company do?" Well... here ya go:

Utah Events by Design will provide creative, quality, and stress-free event design and planning services to those seeking assistance with events within the Wasatch Front. The three service categories Utah Events by Design will focus on are listed below with subcategories that illustrate some, but not all, of the specific services offered within each category:


• Variety of full service packages offering wedding design, planning, and coordination of ceremony and receptions.

• Honeymoon planning and coordination packages for the groom.

• Bridal luncheon and wedding shower planning and design.

• Bachelor/bachelorette party planning.

• Pre/post wedding events (rehearsal dinner, wedding night accommodations, honeymoon).

• Personal design sessions for weddings and receptions.

• Vendor selection, referrals and contract negotiations.

• Venue selection and contract negotiations.

• Wedding budget organization and tracking.

• Personalized bride and groom check lists.

• Day-of event direction.

• Miscellaneous wedding-related celebrations.

Social Events

o Retirement parties.

o Graduation parties.

o Private Parties.

o Anniversary celebrations.

o Baby showers.

o Birthday parties.

o Going away parties.

o Welcome home parties.

o Family reunions/celebrations.

o Baptisms/confirmation celebrations.

o Bar Mitzvahs.

o Quinceaneras.

o Miscellaneous celebrations.

Corporate Events

o Holiday parties.

o Grand openings.

o Executive retreats.

o Seminars/conferences.

o Appreciation/recognition events.

o Non-profit events.

o Conventions.

o Trade shows.

o Launch of business.

o Fundraisers.

o Miscellaneous celebrations.

Whether it’s a wedding anniversary, retirement party, graduation celebration or just a good old party, Utah Events by Design will approach any event with detailed, advanced planning and flawless execution. Utah Events by Design will work closely with clients to make sure their event reflects style, taste, and personality. From an intimate party to a big bash, Utah Events by Design will manage any themed event with detailed strategic planning and thorough execution to surpass all expectations of its clients and their guests.

And there you have it! And now you know why I haven't blogged in three weeks. And know you know why I'm kinda sorta going crazy in a kinda sorta good but stressful way.

Stay tuned for more details, and watch for a web site coming soon!

Monday, June 7, 2010

30 Years Gone By

Well, today is the big day. It's the day I join the 30 and up club :) Yup that's right. It's my birthday and my 20's are gone. As of 4:03 AM, this little girl officially became 30 years old.

Some people freak out when they turn another year older. They freak out even more when they hit a "landmark" birthday. But no freak outs here. I'm doing fine. Really, I am! And I think it's because I have so much to look back on and be thankful for. For instance:
  • I married a wonderful man three years ago and in just under two weeks we'll be celebrating our third year anniversary. He's the kind of guy who makes my life complete. I spent almost my entire 20's looking for him and now that I'm 30, I plan to spend the next decades enjoying that I've got him :)
  • I am starting my own business. More details to come as I am currently in the process of getting my web site built and taking care of all the paper work involved in getting my official business license in the state of Utah, but I'm actually going to be doing something I love and I'm trilled about it.
  • I have a beautiful home that my husband and I purchased a year and a half ago. We've spent time turning it from a house into a home that we both love and enjoy spending time in. We've made this place ours and I suspect that somewhere along the course of my 30's, Michael and I will start a family in this home.
  • I've been lucky enough to travel to foreign places, and see so many wonderful things. Including the many trips I have taken in the US, I have also been fortunate enough to see Italy, New Zealand, Germany, France, England, Canada and Alaska and Hawaii (yes I know they are part of the US, but not part of the "Continental US"). 
  • I have a solid education. Although I'm currently working on my final project, I have completed all the course work for my master's degree. I always promised myself that I would further my education and I'm happy to say that by 30 years old, I only have one project left to complete before there is a second college diploma on my wall.
  • I have wonderful friends and family who remind me every day just how lucky I am to be living this life. I have such an amazing support system full of people who make me feel so loved. And they make me laugh too, which is just as important. And I also have an amazing grandma that I share this birthday with. Yesterday she and I were able to spend it with family and I am so blessed to still have her in my life. She's an amazing, strong, loving, and special woman who has given me so many things to be thankful for. Happy Birthday Grandma Mary!!!
  • I still have dreams. Dreams of one day owning a little piece of beach front property, dreams of being successful in my business, dreams of being a loving wife and good mother, dreams of living the next 30 years to their fullest. And as I look at the list I just created above, there's no doubt in my mind that the next 30 will be just as full and happy as the last.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Facebook and Its Funny Friends

Some people can be so funny. Or strange. Or uptight. Or maybe just too self-conscious?

I'm a little annoyed over something that happened to me last night regarding Facebook and a comment I made on one of my friends' pictures. This person is a great friend. One who I have enjoyed spending much time with and have developed memories with over the past 8 years. She inspires me in many ways and makes me laugh in many others. However, last night she sort of left me going... "Really? Are you serious?"

Now for some back history. This friend and I used to lay out at the pool of her apartment almost EVERY WEEKEND in the summers. During the week, we were hard at work, but on the weekends if the sun was shining, you can bet we had our swim gear on, our toes painted, and our beach towels ready. We soaked up every ray of sun in Salt Lake City and sported our tan skin everywhere we went. Now although I'm Italian and can soak up my fair share of the sun beams, my friend can soak up more. She's got some awesome legs and they were always a nice golden brown in the summer time (much more golden than mine).


I thought it okay to poke a little fun at her not so tan legs in a picture. I simply said "Dang girl! Those are some white legs. You need to get working on that tan. Remember when we hung out at the pool sun tanning all summer? I was just thinking about that today :)"

I thought this was a harmless comment, but apparently she did not. Not 2 seconds after I left it, I received a text message on my phone telling me to delete it. I replied back saying "You know I love you" to which she replied "I know, so delete it." (Here is where you can insert the "Really? Are you serious?!" thought).

The funny part is, when I went to delete it, it was already gone. She did it before I had the chance.

Now yes, I realize how silly all this is, but it seriously got me thinking about how funny we behave on Facebook and other forms of social media. We put pictures out there for people to comment on, and trust that our friends won't berate us. But I suppose if we don't like what our friends say about us, we have the right to delete such things (and I doubt that most people's friends post mean comments about one another). But isn't it kind of silly? I mean, at the age of 30, I figured my friends would be secure enough in their own skin to know they are beautiful inside and out, and to know that the friends who love them believe that 100%. What happened last night sort of reminded me of high school drama. So silly.

Shouldn't (almost) decade-long friends be able to tease and joke a little?

Maybe I'm not seeing it, but I honestly didn't have any intention of hurting her feelings over a comment about something as silly as a sun tan. If I had stark white legs in a picture and one of my friends made a little joke, I'd probably respond with something like "I know! These legs are all sorts of white right now. I best be getting my butt in the sun :)"

But I guess that's how I'm different from her. And as I exit my 20's in four days to make a grand appearance in my 30's, I am going to do my best to live out the next decade with a light and joyous heart.

Hell, if I sweat the small stuff too much, I might not see my 50's and I want to be around to enjoy many summers (and sun tans) to come :)