Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Feeling Hot Hot Hot....

Holy cow! Here I thought the snow would NEVER END and it's now 95 degrees outside. Just these past few days I've been reminded of why fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year.

I hate trying to blow dry and curl my hair in the summer. It's too hot for all that stuff! I hate getting into a car that is warmer than an oven, and sticking to leather seats in a skirt is the WORST!

Lagoon was fun on Saturday, but the heat took it's toll on us. And we're going back this Saturday where it's expected to be even warmer and a part of me is already dreading it. Guess we'll be in lines for all the water rides :) Here's a pic of me, Michael and David waiting in line for a ride (sorry it's kind of blurry, it was taken with Dave's phone):

BUT- even though it's hot, it has been nice enough in the evenings when the sun goes down that we can sit out on the deck and enjoy the zen area Michael and I have created. I love sitting out there as of an evening with the citronella and lemon grass candles burning, the fountain running, and my twinkling solar lights. Summer is good, and I suppose the heat is bearable when sipping down an ice cold root beer float. :)

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