Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Random Ramlings...

I have to leave this vague because I don't want reveal the identity of this person (because I actually like this person). So today at work, I'm standing there going over a few things on a project we're working on together, and I get a whiff of how this person smells (you know how each individual has a smell, be it perfume, cologne, or just... stench?). Well, I was close enough to smell this person's hair when he/she would move. And it smelled like fertilizer. That stiny, pooey, burnt smell. I know, how weird is that?

And another thing? I'm so over the Utah Arts Festival and how it's the same.damn.thing every single year. It's always too hot to enjoy. It's too over crowded for personal space comfort, and the people watching isn't even that great anymore (even though most of em that go are total freaks and weirdos- ya know, the "artsy fartsy" type).

I'm just OVER IT.

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