Friday, June 5, 2009

Because it's MMMYYYYYY Birthday :)

I'm turning 29 on Sunday. Crazy how fast time has gone by. For some reason, in my mind I'm still 26. I guess that's a good thing right? Young at heart? I think it's because 26 was such a life changing year for me. I went back and started the master's program when I was 26. I met Michael that year and went to North Carolina several times. I lost a job that year. I got a new job making more money than I ever had in previous jobs that year. So to say the least, A LOT happened when I was 26.

But now I'm wondering what this new year, and new age will bring. Already this year my husband retired from the Marines and was able to move here to be with me. Already this year I have started a new job and am a manager for the first time in my life, and am now making even more money than any previous job I've ever held. Already this year I have graduated with my masters, and already this year I have moved into the first house I have ever purchased. So to say the least, A LOT has happened this year already. But I know there is more to come.
It's funny how you can feel old and young at the same time. Maybe that's what being in your late 20's is all about. Maybe, to take it a step further, these mixed feelings are what life is all about. Who knows?.

I don't know everything that awaits me during my 29th year, but I do know that I will celebrate my 2 year anniversary with my loving husband. I know for the 29th year in a row, I will share my birthday with Grandma Mary who is also turning another year the same day. I've always felt so special being able to share this day with her. I do know that Michael and I will be one step closer to taking the steps we need to in preparing to start a family. I do know that I'm going to try my best to be in less debt than I am now, and I do know that the road ahead is long. But I'm not afraid, because at 29 years young, there's probably (hopefully) not too much that I can't handle.

So here's to another year older and hopefully wiser. And thanks to all of you who have shared 28 wonderful years with me. And here's to the ones who will celebrate with me as I venture out on another exciting year.

P.S. You're never too old for gifts, so if you really want to know what I could use... a little plastic card with money on it from Lowes or Home Depot is just the thing I need :) *hint hint*

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    Here here to year 29!! A lot more can happen just don't forget to remember those small moments that make you you. Love you! Enjoy your day.

    PS... Happy Birthday Grandma Mary!