Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Is it any wonder I can't muster up the energy for simple things lately? Let's see... here's how my past weekend went down:

Friday- Left work at noon, met mom at the house. Drove to Westminster to pick up cap and gown for graduation on Saturday. Took Mom to the TJ MAX Home Goods store (our favorite place to spend 3 consecutive hours). Then drove all the way downtown in rush hour to pick up Michael from work because his battery died in his car. Drove back home in rush hour. Had friends meet us at Outback Steak House for dinner. Ate till we were stuffed. Went home and played Rock Band till midnight. Went to bed.

Saturday- Got up at 9:00. Cleaned the kitchen. Got ready for graduation ceremony. Had to be at the E-Center by 1:00. Arrived at 1:15 because of traffic, road construction, and simply running late. Graduation started at 2:00 even though it was supposed to start at 1:45. Got out of graduation at 5:00 (yes, it took THAT long). Took pictures outside of the E-Center with Mom and Michael. Realized that Kyle was supposed to land at 5:00. Ran back into the E-Center to return cap, gown and master's hood. Abruptly left for the airport. Picked up Kyle and headed to dinner at Tucci's. Dropped Michael and Kyle off at home and took mom to Pier 1 Imports and Target. Shopped for a few hours, went home, went to bed.

Sunday- Got up at 9:00. Ran to Target in Ft. Union because the other one didn't have what Mom was looking for. Went to Old World Market. Went home and said goodbye to Mom. Michael and I made lunch, then headed out to buy him a battery for his car. Stopped at Home Depot. Found the perfect fountain for our garden but realized the store only had one left and it wasn't working. Only other store that had the same one was in Lindon. Purchased fountain over phone. Drove downtown and changed his car battery. Got a tour of Michael's office. Drove back home to pick up Kyle and KeeLee. Drove to Lindon to pick up fountain. Drove back home, stopped to pick up some dinner. Ate and then went into the garden to pull weeds, plant the remaining flowers, install fountain. Took shower because I was covered in mud. Crashed in bed and watched Expedition Africa on History channel. Went to sleep at 1:00 AM.

Yeah, so no wonder I was exhausted on Monday...and Tuesday...and today. I seriously have no motivation, no energy, and no guilt for my lazy ass doing NOTHING.

I am ready for a real weekend and yet I have a feeling this one isn't going to be any more relaxing because I'll be doing birthday stuff. *sigh* I need a sabbatical from work. Actually, from life. Oh, and some chocolate and peanut butter type of dessert with an ice cold Dr. Pepper to wash it all down.

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