Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Political Soap Box

Ok, I've never gotten political on here... until this post. And really, this post isn't so much about getting political as it is getting educated.

Healthcare. Big topic in the news this week (Fox news doesn't count). Lots of people are happy about the bill, and others well.... not so much. But, no matter what side of the fence you're on, or if you're sitting on the fence, here's a little advice (not from one political party member to another, but simply from one American and Facebooker to another):


Please, if you're going to argue a side (and you are), and plaster your opinion all over Facebook, do so with some tact, class, and good ole facts. As my mother would say "Use your words." And by that I mean, don't go copying some article you found on some web site bashing this or supporting that. Copying what one person wrote on a blog or web site does not count as a legitimate effort to persuade someone. THINK FOR YOURSELF! Form your own opinions.

I'm not going to have an educated "conversation" with you about your take on healthcare when all you can do is quote me the political rhetoric you're reading on some blog or other web site. If you really want to sit down and talk about healthcare, READ THE BILL and not a blog telling you what the bill says and why it's bad or good. Read the actual bill, and then think for yourself. It's not rocket science.

*WARNING, I said I wasn't going to get political but I do have one comment to make so if you're not interested in a political debate, stop reading...*

You never know what to expect in politics. It's an ever growing and ever changing beast. Politics will shock you every day if you take the time to find out what exactly is going on. And here's the reality of it all: nobody is ever going to be satisfied no matter what happens. But that doesn't mean we quit trying as a nation; it just means we cut some slack to those who are doing the best they know how.

So to all you Republicans out there who are bitching and moaning over the latest and greatest regarding health care... you'll get over it and there'll be something new to bitch about next week.Why am I so sure you'll get over it? Because the Democrats got over the fact that Bush got re-elected and they survived all eight years of his two (unfortunate) terms.

To take it one step further, Democrats can relate to your anger. As enraged as you are over this health care business and as much as you are crying "not fair", the Democrats were equally enraged and felt betrayed by the system when Bush took office the first time (after Gore actually won the election).

They survived and you will too (might I add WITH healthcare coverage this time, despite your pre-existing conditions). :)


  1. I'm with you on getting educated before you speak. It's much more sound advice than when Nancy Pelosi encouaraged everyone to "pass the bill so that we can find out what's in it". Honestly, I have yet to come across anybody who's actually read the bill in its entirety (I haven't)....but that doesn't mean that I can't applaud the aspects of the bill that I find to be positive and debate the aspects of the bill that I think are going to be disastrous. I'm not much of a political debater in general, but I do try to check my facts before I dig myself into a hole of argument that I can't climb out of...and you're right--that's the kind of stuff that is completely aggravating, no matter which side you're on.

  2. thanks for sharing your opinions - I love to see it when someone says what they mean and mean what they say.