Monday, November 2, 2009


How did you spend your Halloween?

Michael and I didn't really do anything that exciting (which was fine by me considering the weekend before we carved a billion pumpkins and had a party). I was worn out and Michael was craving chili so we had a night in.

We ran a few errands earlier that day (lots of dressed up people at the Target), got our grocery shopping done, and came home. I started making Michael's request (a big ole pot of chili) while Michael ran to the video store and picked up some scary movies.

This was our first Halloween in our new home so we didn't know how many trick-or-treaters to expect. I wasn't planning on many considering the church up and around the corner from us had a "trunk-or-treat" the night before.

I'm glad the community plans activities that are safe for the children, but I also know how much fun I had as a child running from door to door gathering up as much candy as possible. My brother and I usually had to make at least one pit stop at home to dump out our bags as they were completely full before we set off to trick-or-treat the other half of the neighborhood. I grew up in a small town and we trick-or-treated old school style. This is how I want my kids to experience Halloween too. So I imagine that whenever this holiday falls on a Friday or Saturday night, we'll load up and head to my parents so my children can trick-or-treat the neighborhoods I did as a child. I just don't see how any trunk-or-treat can compete with the real thing.

As the chili was brewin, I also got to work on deviled eggs. I mean, is there a more approrpiate time than Halloween to have such eggs? In addition to this I also made up a chocolate zucchini cake which I must say turned out ever so tastey. I'll post the recipe on here.

KeeLee patroled the livingroom window from her guard post so I knew way in advance when little gobblins, devils, witches, and ghosts were making their way up my driveway. KeeLee was so riled up about all the little visitors that I think she thought Sunday was Halloween too. Every little noise she heard caused her to bark, growl, and run to the door with her tail wagging (she loves people).

After enjoying our Halloween fest, Michael and I popped in our first choice scary movie "The Orphan" which was quite disturbing. And after that, we went to bed.

Yup, exciting times and yet, I was more than satisfied with a quiet night in :)

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