Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Five years old again
Before email existed, and the World Wide Web
When the only worry for the day was building the best sand castle
And if Mom cut the crusts off of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Innocent again
Before heartaches and monthly payments
When the only concern was what night game to play
And how long before Mom noticed it was bed time

Having faith again
Before understanding what hatred felt like
When bad guys were the ones you chased while playing cops and robbers
And there were fireflies to catch with your bare hands and old mason jars

Believing again
Before people let you down
When the only question was who got to be the green Hungry Hippo
And He-man and Optimus Prime were the tried and true heroes

A child again
Before working a 40 work week
Taking naps on a blanket in the sun with a good book
And Dad provided quarters to purchase Long-Pops from the ice cream man

Remember Again
What it was like to feel alive
Before reality promised a different outcome
When wishes on falling stars were never wasted
And there were still fireflies left to catch