Friday, October 30, 2009

It's One, Two, Three Strikes You're Out...

Last night I was watching the world series when I finally couldn't take it and gave up. For one, I don't really watch sports, let alone baseball. I'm not much of a fan. But what I realized last night is just how disgusting baseball really is.

I mean, for crying out loud, why... WHY?!?!?! must every baseball player sit there and SPIT all over the place? Every two seconds someone on the TV was spitting.

Spitting on the field, spitting in the dugout, spitting on the pitchers mound, spitting on base, spitting between pitches, spitting after running, spitting after catching a ball. Just SPIT SPIT SPIT!

It's gross. And quite frankly, totally unattractive, and totally disgusting.

And to top it off, yesterday when I was leaving the mall during my lunch break (see yesterday's post about replacing my holy sweater) some gross disgusting man shot a loogie right in front of me as I was walking to my car. I literally had to step over it to avoid getting all that green sticky grossness on my shoes.

SPITTING IS A DISGUSTING HABIT! It's right up there with smoking. I don't care if you are a baseball player in the World Series. JUST STOP IT!

P.S. Go Phillies.

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  1. I suppose you would have to spit if you chewed all that crappy tobacco chew stuff. Its nasty and must be gotten rid of. But yes, very disgusting. And yes, GO PHILLIES!