Sunday, October 4, 2009

Schmoopy and His New Toy

So Michael went out today and bought an iPhone. I think it's because I bought one last Tuesday and he has been secretly envious of me since. He's a huge fan of all things new that have anything to do with "technology" and usually is the first one to make such a purchase. Except this time. He claims he was letting me be the guinea pig.

I don't mind though :) Now he's a happy boy with his new toy. I only threatened him when he wanted to buy the same lime green protector that I have. We don't need two green iPhones in the house. That would have been waaaaayyy too confusing. He settled for blue. Now we just have to make sure we don't fight over who gets which ring tone. If anything, I can always use the argument "It was mine first!"

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