Monday, October 5, 2009

Can You Believe It?

I have a cute little pen-pal in Aurora Colorado. Before my grandmother died, she came to visit us in Price. I was only in 6th grade, but she made such an impression on me. This woman was the hippest, cutest, and sweetest woman. Here's a little example of how cool she was. She didn't like her birth given name and therefore she changed it. To "Babe" and I love her for that. She was my grandma's best friend and well, Grandma had excellent taste.

So, after Babe left town I began writing to her. And she began writing me back. We've stayed in contact for the past well.... A LOT OF YEARS considering this friendship started when I was about 11, that I'm now a grown woman, married, and finished with my masters. Not a Christmas goes by where we don't send each other a card. And then there's usually the random letter every few months just to say hello and let each other know we're doing well and livin' life.

Yesterday I was itching for some creativity so I pulled out my Stampin' Up! supplies and hand stamped this cute fall card to send to Babe with a happy Halloween message. I had so much fun making the card that I decided to make an envelope template and create a matching envelope too. To my surprise, the card turned out really cute and I was excited for Babe to receive it. I slapped a stamp on it and walked out to my mailbox and put it inside, shut the lid, and lifted the flag to alert the postman to take my letter.

This morning my husband called me on his way to work (I was still home getting ready for my work day). He asked me if I had changed my mind about sending the letter, because when he left this morning he noticed that the lid to the mailbox was down, and the letter was gone but the flag was still up.

"No, I didn't change my mind. You mean to tell me that my letter is missing?"

"Yup, not there, and I don't think the wind would have blown the lid open."

"Me either, that lid shuts tight."

"Well, a lot of times people get mail stolen around the first of the month because bills are due and so others are out there looking for money (checks) so they take the mail."

Here is a picture of the cute card I made that Babe will never receive.

I'm so disappointed in society. It's a sad day when you can't even put a letter in your mailbox.

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