Thursday, October 1, 2009

Surgery Day

Well, today is the big day. Everyone just left the house and headed to the hospital. Mom and Grandma have to check in by 9:30 and then they'll be headed in for the operations. I blogged about the situation before, but just to catch you up if you missed that post, both of them have large holes in their hearts that need to be closed. The holes are causing them to be at high risk for strokes, blood clots, brain damage, and all the awful things you try to avoid if you can.

The doctor read over their MRI results yesterday (they both had scans of their brains done to reveal if any damage had been caused due to their condition). Turns out Mom has a few mini strokes, and Grandma has had many. These mini strokes show up as little white spots on the brain and the MRI can detect these spots.

The good news is that neither of them have suffered major, life altering strokes. Every one they've had has been very small.

The bad news is that once a part of the brain dies, it can never heal or grow back.

The best news is that they are where they should be, in the doctor's care and getting things patched up, literally.

I didn't head down to the hospital yet. My dad and uncle took them both this morning to check in. My two uncles are meeting them there, and I stayed behind to clean up the morning mayhem that attacked my house, feed the dogs, and take a shower before I head down. I didn't want to race down there to sit in the the waiting room. I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of that later today. And besides, the way my brain works, it's better for me to be home and stay busy so I don't go crazy. If I were forced to sit in the waiting room, I'd probably sit there and plague myself with horrible thoughts. I don't need that, and neither do the family members that are able to wait calmly :)

Depending on how things go, I'll post an update when I can. Hoping for the best, so please send your thoughts and prayers our way!

UPDATE: Everything went well. Both Grandma and Mom are doing great, look great, and feel great. Checking out of the hospital this morning. So relieved :)

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