Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is It Feeling a Bit Breezy in Here?

My winter wardrobe is in need of a few basics. Now, if you were to ask my husband if I needed new clothes, he'd laugh and goff at you explaining that he barely has enough room in OUR closet to put HIS stuff because my stuff is taking over. But then again, what husband wouldn't say his wife needs another sweater like she needs a whole in the head?


When living in Utah, one knows that winter lasts much longer than summer. Chunky sweaters, scarves, coats, pants, turtle necks, mittens, gloves, and fuzzy socks galore are very much a necessity considering it's icy cold in these here Rockies from October to at least April (usually May). It always snows at least once before Halloween (example: Tuesday of this week), and it just makes sense that your winter wardrobe in Utah is larger than your summer one. Even though we like to say that we get to have seasons like spring and fall, we actually just pretend we get to, cuz it makes us feel better.

I have quite a few sweaters, but since I don't wash sweaters after every single time I wear them (usually because I wear an undershirt of some sorts under them), they tend to stay looking newer longer. This keeps me from having to purchase a bunch each time winter rolls around. BUT- last winter Michael and I were closing on our new home. I was busy buying furniture, decorations, new towels, shower curtains, blankets, kitchen items, baskets, wall hangings, and home decor galore. I did not spend a single penny on my wardrobe (as hard as it might be for some to believe that, it's the truth). I splurged on my home and I don't regret having done so.

I also haven't asked for clothes for Christmas for the past two years because I was busy asking for house things. I got married in 2007 so the Christmas of 2006 was filled with home appliances and things of that nature. The Christmas following our wedding was filled with things that we didn't get at our wedding. And Christmas last year was filled with more house things like the beautiful formal 9 piece dining room table that my mom and dad bought us, and the casual dining table for the kitchen nook that grandma bought us. I think maybe I got a pair of PJ's and some socks in terms of clothing, but everything else was house wares.

So this year, when I went to pull my winter clothes out of the closet, I noticed that some of them looked pretty tattered. And, before I put them away last year, I did a thorough spring clean and got rid of three containers worth of old turtle necks, sweaters that were covered in those little threads of balls that collect all over them, sweaters that I had worn for three years that simply didn't fit because of the extra weight I've put on in the past little while, and stuff that was simply out of style. Needless to say, I don't quite have the winter wardrobe I like to have when thinking about the next 7 months.

To prove how sad my winter wardrobe has gotten, I quickly pulled a sweater over my head this morning and drove to work. Yet, at work I kept feeling this cold chill on my back. I reach over and felt a gigantic hole where the seam was connecting the left sleeve to the body of the sweater. I had just sat through two meetings with my arm and armpit fully exposed. Classy, you betcha. I would have taken a picture to post, but I quickly decided against humiliating myself more.

So on my lunch break I ran to the closest mall and replaced the rag I was wearing with a chunky black sweater (and yes, it was on sale). I know I shouldn't be spending money on clothes as the holidays are quickly approaching (including my mother's birthday) and we're trying to pay off credit cards, student loans, and save up for our big kitchen remodel, but I am in desperate need (do you like that emphasis there?) of some new pants for work, winter tops, and perhaps a new winter coat that fits better. I'm usually the one with plenty of options when it comes to my wardrobe, but not this year :(

Good thing Christmas is coming (although I prefer others don't buy clothes for me). Hello gift cards?

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