Friday, October 16, 2009


It was so long ago, I don't even remember all the details
Except for the cobalt that pierced my soul
Except for the mystery that I'd never solve
Those things I'll remember forever.
It took me too long to let him go
And maybe a small part of me never really has
And maybe a small part of me never really will
And maybe that's okay, for now

I've had this dream all my life
And I'm finally living it,
And it's more perfect than I could have ever pictured it
But somewhere in the twilight, I've heard him call my name
Once, or maybe twice
It sends shivers down my spine and forces me to admit
He taunts me

He's like a memory that won't fade
A line that can't be erased
The buckled flaw on a fine finished coffee table that never goes away
Reminding me that he was once there when he shouldn't have been
And there was no coaster to dissipate the evidence of his presence

And sometimes when I close my eyes, I remember all too vividly
I hear words that were never spoken
I see a Cheshire smile that made all his flaws disappear
I feel the welcomed pressure of his presence smothering me
And then I remember how he would leave
And why I finally said goodbye for good

But, sometimes, when the smell of frost fills the night
I let myself think about those days
And sometimes, when the house is dark except for moonlight cascading on the stair case
I wonder what if, where, and why

And sometimes, for no reason at all
When I don't even want to remember

He haunts me


  1. Love your writing posts! Beautiful.

  2. Why did I think I knew you so well. This poem haunts me - why can't I figure out who? and was I not seeing you hurt!