Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Looks Like Rain

“So it’s a lonely world, and it’s feeding time for your ego. Again. Who is going to be the spoon this time?”

How honest her words as they gently fell off her tongue hoping to land on something less tense. “I’m sorry, although once attracted to you, I find myself distracted now as you once were, by other things, other ideas, other people. And I’m paying the price for the me that I was in another life, one which you know nothing about.”

He didn’t understand. Why would he? He thought he was still looking at the same women he left. He didn’t see the changes in her body language, as she stood stilted looking out his hotel window towards the view. Her eyes desperately searching for any sort of reason to be out there, free in the night instead of seconds away from regretful temptation.

He couldn’t read the way she carried herself across his room to gather her purse. He didn’t feel the way her body froze when he tried to put his arms around her and pull her close, or the lack of heat in her lips when he kissed her goodnight. He didn’t hear the change in her voice let alone the words she spoke. Simply, he didn’t sense that anything was wrong.

“Don’t want to forget this,” she said, grabbing her jacket. “Looks like rain tonight.”

And with that she left. She had to. She couldn’t go back to what she used to have. She didn’t want it anymore. She was content not having him, but if she were to stay just a minute more, her mind would start playing tricks on her. And as she left his room, letting the door shut gently behind her, she thought she heard him mutter something about her silhouette. And how she had left it on his pillow.

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