Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Almost Titled This Post the "F" Word. ALMOST.


I HATE, HATE, HATE, today!!!

It's one of THOSE kinds of days. And my head is ready to explode like a pumpkin being thrown in the streets by unruly teenagers on All Hallows Eve.


This bad day actually started with the drive home last night. Yup, LAST NIGHT. I am allowed to have a bad day that actually starts the night before, so get over it.

First of all, I left work at 5:00 and SAT IN TRAFFIC BEHIND A WRECK for longer than I care to mention. Then I dealt with TYPICAL UTAH DRIVERS who feel the need to: speed up (so you can't merge when you have no choice), drive slower than a snail in the fast lane, refuse to signal, slam on breaks, you name it they do it and I hate them for it.

THEN it takes me an hour to get to work this morning. That's right AN HOUR. I leave the house at 8:30 and arrive at 9:23. THAT IS RE-DICK (that's ridiculous in pissed off speak). I'm so tired of driving clear out to BFE for work. I've been doing it my entire career. First job out of college was actually WEST OF THE FLIPPIN AIRPORT (which for those readers not from Utah, that is further than any normal person driving to work should have to drive).

Second job was in RIVERTON (which might as well be west of the airport because it's just as far) Basically if you took the airport and Riverton and drew a line between the two, you've just picked the two points furthest from one another in the Salt Lake City Valley. Now I work in MAGNA. Yup, just one exit shy of the airport exit so I'm right back where I started basically.


I'm done with construction.
I'm done with working clear out in no man's land.
I'm done with spending 2+ hours in the car each day to get to and from work.
I'm done with Utah drivers who, oh surprise surprise, CAN'T FUCKING DRIVE!
I'm just done.

Oh, and then to make today even more fun, I get to deal with all the people who want answers regarding projects I have NOTHING, I REPEAT: NOTHING TO DO WITH!


So as a responsible employee, I try to find the people who do have something to do with the projects in question, and direct the one with the answers to the person asking the question. But my favorite part? MY FAVORITE PART? The person WITH the answer wants to vent to me about how so and so asking the question seems to be confused. And get this: They actually want me to tell that person that he/she IS CONFUSED. Um, no? I didn't volunteer to make enemies today.

Guess what folks, I don't care if you think the person asking the question seems to be confused. The point is, you owe that person an answer. An answer that you should share DIRECTLY with that person and not me. Why? Because I'm not the one asking the question, and asking you to help does not make me involved. You two go hack out your differences. You two go work out what should be done.

*taking a deep breath*

Today I'm contemplating moving to Antarctica. All I'm packing is long underwear and a lifetime supply of Dr. Pepper and Xanax. Oh, and if you know of any sane jobs in that area, that don't require being the middle man, or include unreasonable expectations of things that do not fall within the actual job description, please, PLEASE send them my way.


  1. I'm trying this again, seriously I use Firefox (web browser) on our Mac for everything and then as of late three or four blogs including yours won't let me post a comment unless I open the blog in Safari (a different web browser). You think you had a bad day - just kidding yours sounds really bad. I was just going to say you should QUIT your job. Seriously it doesn't seem like it is doing you any good to be there. I mean I'm sure you need the dual income (like the rest of the free world including myself) but if where you spend 60% of your time is making you miserable (including getting to and from there) then I really don't think it is worth it, you can make money some where else. I know it sounds easy when I say it since I don't have to do it but seriously you should consider it. (I'm so excited for the upcoming event I could pee my pants, thanks, I miss you tons!)

  2. It has to be something in the air...I thought yesterday couldn't be any worse and today plowed through and whupped my ass and apparently yours too. I had to leave work early because I pretty much had a nervous breakdown.

    I'm sorry that you're having such a time but in some way I hope it makes you feel better that Shitty Days aren't focusing their energy on you.