Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mama's Lil' Helper

So in the middle of painting the basement, I feel the oh so familiar scratching on my leg which means KeeLee wants/needs attention. Picture how a cat will stretch but use your legs to do so, while tapping on your shin or calf to let you know "Hey! I know you're a giant and all, and perhaps busy, but I'm little and down here. And dammit! It's time for you to love me!"

So back to me painting the wall....and I feel this scratch. I turn around to say hi to my puppy and see this:

Although she looks pissed in this picture (I think the flash on the camera made her squint her eyes) she really had an innocent look on her face like "Mom, aren't you glad I'm helping too?"

Yeah. Apparently she wanted to get in on the painting action. For a split second it was like I had a small child who just created an unrecognizable drawing with a crayon and stood there to say "Look what I did, Mom!"

The best part? After I snapped this photo, I took her upstairs to wash the paint off her face. I figured it would be easier while it was wet. About 20 minutes later, I feel the same familiar tap. This time the paint was on the opposite side of her face. So off we went upstairs to clean her up again. And on my way back down the stairs, I put the baby gate up behind me (yes, owning this dog requires a baby gate) so she didn't come downstairs and decide to recreate the Mona Lisa or something.

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