Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Cutie Patootie

I just HAD to share this cute pic of KeeLee. She got a bath yesterday because she still had paint all over and she had that nasty haven't had a bath in a while smell.

KeeLee doesn't mind bath time because bath time is actually shower time. And she either is in there with me or Michael. It's just easier to put her in the shower rather than kill my back bending over the tub and trying to keep her in there instead of jumping out and running all over the house getting water everywhere. The shower has a door on it so once she's in, she's not going anywhere.

Although she doesn't mind her shower, her favorite part of the entire bathing process is getting her hair dried. I think she enjoys the warmth of the heat, and there's something about the sound she likes too. In fact, she likes the hair dryer so much, that when I'm drying my hair, she always comes and lays down on the rug in the bathroom just to be near the dryer.

My friend Jen is staying with me on vacation and snapped this cute picture of KeeLee yesterday morning after her shower. She's obviously excited for this part of the bath process. I love how innocent her eyes look here, especially in comparison to the picture below where she looks like a smart ass, so when Jen emailed it to me, I had to share it. I can't get over her cute smile.

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  1. She looks so cute! But there's still a bit a mischievious gleam in her eyes that says "Mama, I'm gonna go make a mess AS SOON AS YOU LEAVE."