Monday, July 6, 2009

What Happens When You Get that Wild Hair Up You Know Where...

Yesterday's conversation went a little like this:

Setting: Couch in the family room. TV on. Michael, Jen and I in pj's just laying there like zombies on the couch, having not yet showered even though it's 1:00 in the afternoon.

Michelle: I just want to be lazy today.

Michael: Yeah me too, but I have work I should do.

Michelle: Meh- I'm tired. I feel like just laying here all day. Between Lagoon on Friday and the BBQ party yesterday, I'm worn out.

Jen: Yeah.

10 minutes of silence later...

Michelle: I'm bored.

Jen: Yeah, we should do something.

Michelle: But the question is what?

Michael: I dunno, but I can sit here and watch golf while you two figure it out.

Michelle: What we really need to do is get the crap in the basement moved before we get our new carpet Wednesday.

Michael: Yeah.

5 minutes of silence later...

Michelle: We really should paint before we get new carpet too.

Michael: Go for it.

Michelle: (said jokingly) Hey Jen, wanna paint the basement today?

Jen: Sure why not?!

Michelle: (confusion) Seriously?

Jen: Yeah, let's do it.

Michelle: (starting to consider the idea, for real this time) Michael?

Michael: Go for it.

Michelle: Okay, I guess we're painting the basement.

And thus, that was the end of our lazy Sunday. 15 minutes later we were at Home Depo purchasing paint and new floor boards. By 6:00, the basement had been cleared out, taped off, and the first coat of paint was on the walls. Second coat was done before we went to bed. Now I don't have to worry about paiting and trying not to get it on my new carpet. Woot Woot for DYI projects.

We rock. But dammit, I'm sure tired.

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  1. I wish shit got done that quickly at our house! No one wants to tackle a big job like that around here when it's after noon and we're still in our jammies! I didn't get out of my morning fog until 4pm today! Oops!