Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If You Build It, They Will Come

And so we did.

Last night Michael put together our patio set furniture and I.LOVE.IT. It's so nice and comfy and inviting and I know I'll be spending many a summer evening lounging in the swivel chairs watching my husband BBQ and throwing a ball across the yard for KeeLee. *big smile on my face*

Sometimes it's the little things ya know? Notice I didn't say cheap, because I quickly learned that patio furniture is NOT cheap (thank goodness for tax returns). But something as simple as sitting on our deck in the summer evening sun, just enjoying our home and family... that's what it's all about.

I'm excited to put up our cute yard lights. And I already bought citronella lanterns to fill with oil to keep away all the fun Utah bugs.

I'd take REAL pics but as you may know by now, we have been playing Rock Band, and the memory card for my digital cam is in the Wii currently saving all our band progress. But I WILL WILL WILL take REAL pics soon, I promise :)

For now here is a web shot of our patio set:

I'm super stoked for the fire pit that also serves as a table. This way, we can enjoy cool spring and fall evenings too, without freezing on the deck. Not to mention I'm for sure going to test this out to see if I can make smores :)

An here are the cute oil lamps I've filled with lemon grass citronella to add some color and keep away the bugs:
And these are the adorable patio lights we're going to put up to add some jazz to finish off the project.

So there it is, my deck and accessories in all it's summer glory. As I said, if you build it, they will come, and I expect many friends over to enjoy tastey BBQ's this summer :)

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  1. awesome furniture - I love the color. I'm hoping this post works. Chris and I will come visit soon to see ALL the new improvements and maybe even play Nertz!!