Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kinda Creepy

You know what's odd? Every time I go into the bathroom at work, I assume someone is in there because of the noises I hear, and then come to find out I'm in there by myself. No, I'm not crazy, but I do HEAR noises that tell me someone else is in the stall next to me... and yet, nobody is. I don't know if the air pressure in the bathroom changes when I open the main door which triggers the movement of air making it sound like someone is in there when in reality nobody is or what, but it's creepy nonetheless.

And who feels comfortable dropping trow when creeped out from thinking you're in there alone when you're really not but you really are? I know, confusing isn't it?! Try peeing in panick, you'll see what I mean.

Don't get me wrong, I like privacy just as much as the next person... it's kind of nice to have the work bathroom all to yourself because you don't have to exchange that awkward "hello" with someone you never talk to, and you're not caught up in trying to avoid those people who want to have a conversation with you when you're peeing (gross, don't talk to me when I'm going to the bathroom). But if bathroom privacy comes at the price of being creeped out every time I need to "take care of business," I think I'd rather revert back to when I was 5 years old (you remember being 5... you never did anything by yourself, always had to have a friend with you, and there was always hand holding?). Then I would at least be more comfortable when I have to... ya know...GO.

Too bad I can't just hold it. I have the smallest bladder known to man. What am I going to do if I ever get pregnant?! Bathroom Ghosty better be gone by then, cuz I'm sure I'll be one bitchy prego lady who has to pee.


  1. Test comment from marge do you get this? Why won't it let me post. Boo!

  2. Oh great I do some crappy comment and that one goes through it might b working now. Maybe :)