Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Update: It Rocked...Literally

This weekend was supposed to be full of outdoor projects, planting more flowers, pulling weeds, gardening, and putting winter clothes away to fill my closet with spring and summer favorites.

Instead, it was freezing cold, raining (at times snowing), and no sun was in sight. Michael and I forfeited our outdoor plans and retreated to indoors. I also retired the idea of putting winter clothes away for now. Seems every time I get a glimpse of summer, my dreams of sun and warmth are shattered by the fact that I live in Utah's Rocky Mountains. I'm in serious need of a beach.

Anyway, despite the craptastic weather, Michael and I did have fun. We discovered Rock Band for the Wii. Friends came over Saturday night for cards and we munched on pizza and treats. Then Amanda showed up with Rock Band and before too long, we were jammin' our little hearts out. Michael and Jen played the drums, Amanda, Dave and I took turns singing, and playing base and guitar. Let me just say... HIGH-Larious. I loved Dave's renditions. He should sing more often.

I forgot how fun video games are. I haven't played one for probably 15 years, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Michael had so much fun playing that we ended up buying Rock Band ourselves yesterday. And yes, once again we were jammin' out last night with friends. I can't wait to play again.

Best part? We unlocked Bon Jovi's famous "Livin' on a Prayer" and yes, we rocked the shit outta that song. I love me some Bon Jovi.

P.S. I've graduated from "easy" to "medium" on both drums and guitar/bass. Watch out Tico Torres, you got nuthin' on me. And Richie- I'm catchin' up to you, man.

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  1. We're gonna be gettin' our Rock Band on again this weekend. Its pretty much a given. I vote Friday cuz that's when I have a babysitter so I can be WBB (without benefit of baby). Woot woot for Rock Band. I love it!