Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It Finally Arrived!

Last night I was rushing home. I only had so much time before Michael and I had to be at the theatre so I left about 30 minutes early from work. On the to do list:

  1. Feed KeeLee dinner

  2. Water the flowers

  3. Make sure KeeLee does her "business"

  4. Pack a snack bag because movie treats are too expensive

  5. Get to the theatre by 6:00

Michael tried to leave early but was stopped by a co-worker in his parking lot who wanted to chit chat. However, he did manage to get home earlier than his usual time. Apparently he came in while I was out on the deck playing with KeeLee and giving the flowers some H2O.

When I came inside, there it was on the kitchen counter, in all it's shiny mango-colored glory. Michael had it out of the package, unwrapped, and displayed there for me to see. The smell of leather filled the room, and I squealed like a child on Christmas morning. It is here, it is mine, and it's the perfect summer color; the exact shade of orange I was hoping for.

I know, I know, how silly to be so excited about an over-priced purse that I really don't need (especially in a time of trying to save money for house projects). BUT- there was a small part of me that sort of did need it. I've been sinking all my money into the house decorations and renovations even before we moved in (which is a good thing, and yes, I get to reap the benefits of it) but, I didn't have anything that was just mine, just girly, just for me that reminded me how fun it is to be a girl sometimes. And I didn't have that one special accessory that helps every girl feel like she's ready to kick off a new season.

I spotted this gem back in February when I got the crazy idea that I had to have an orange purse. I think this craving had something to do with winter lasting too long, being too cold, and nothing but gray and white outside my window day after day after day. Anyway, I scowered the internet looking for the perfect orange purse and found it, but it was pricey. So I put any indulgences on hold indefinitely which turned out to be only for two months.

I did my best to find something that was similar to this perfect purse. I searched every store I could think of that had somewhat stylish hand bags, but to no avail. Nothing seemed to measure up to THIS ONE. Finally I made up my mind that I had to have it. I want it to be known that I was more than willing to buy this beauty myself, but Michael ended up getting it for me because I told him if he did, it would count for my birthday AND anniversary gifts (and every woman knows that birthdays and anniversaries are two separate events, NOT TO BE COMBINED, no matter how close in proximity they occur- which in my case is exactly 9 days apart).

I was up front and honest with Michael about this not combining special occasions gifts theory BEFORE we got married. I let him know that just because our wedding was going to take place a week and a half after my birthday, this wouldn't provide him with the opportunity to combine an anniversary gift with my birthday gift. They are TWO DIFFERENT, NOT EVEN REMOTELY THE SAME events (and girls, I KNOW you understand this, guys, just level with me here). But because I do my best to be a reasonable wife, and because I willingly admit this is one pricey purse, I made an exception this year. Thus Michael is excited because he HATES trying to figure out what to get me in terms of presents, and having to purchase thoughtful gifts twice in a two-week time frame is almost enough to make his cute little head explode with anxiety.

The other condition? I didn't have to wait for the actual date of these events to use the purse. Once it arrived, it was mine to use. Michael was okay with this, and so it is.

We got home late last night so I didn't have time to change bags, but you can bet that I'll be sporting my new, stylish accessory VERY soon. Now I just need to find a matching toe nail polish and I'm ready for summer :)

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