Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hurry! Say 32!

Last night Micheal and I jumped in the car for a quick trip to one of my favorite places...that's right, Target (I wanted to get some fun outdoor lights to string up around the perimeter of our deck). On our way there, we heard the DJ on the radio ask listeners "On average, how many pairs of shoes to most women have in their closet?"

Whoever knew the answer to this question had their choice of two different prizes. One prize selection being a four pack of tickets to the pre-screeing of the movie EARTH (and I didn't hear the other prize choice because I about peed my pants when I heard I had a chance to win free tickets to see this movie as I've been anxiously awaiting it's release for months-(yes, I am a nerd- and so what).

Michael, being the smart man that he is said "HONEY! I know the answer to that! It's TOO MANY!"

I figured this was a pretty good answer so I decided to phone in and try and win these much coveted tickets. Here's how the next 10 minutes went down:

  • Start freaking out and dig through purse looking for cell phone.

  • Realize cell phone is sitting on kitchen counter at home.

  • Ask husband where his phone is.

  • Husband gets cell phone and asks what number to dial in to win.

  • Give husband phone number.

  • Husband laughs as he realizes phone number is NOT the right number.

  • Realize I don't know the correct number to call and complain that my car actually TELLS me the number to call on my dashboard.

  • Husband argues that his car does the same and tries to prove it.

  • Car does NOT give us number to call.

  • Have epiphany, realize correct number, and call radio station (it's actually ringing too)

  • DJ answers and I tell him the answer is too many.

  • DJ says although it's a clever answer, he needs an actual number.

  • Guess 50. Guess is wrong and DJ says to try again (and this time to guess in the 30's)

  • Hang up, dial again. It actually rings again! No busy signal!

  • It keeps ringing...

  • And ringing....

  • And ringing...

  • Start to sing along with song on the radio and tell husband DJ must have found a winner.

  • Phone disconnects.

  • Dial again- still ringing.

  • And ringing....

  • DJ answers again! "HELLO! What's your guess?"

  • 37!

  • DJ: Uh, Uh..... Hurry and say 32

  • 32!

  • YES! You're the winner! You have your choice of a 4 pack of tickets to the pre-screening of Earth or...


  • OKAY!

  • Husband pulls into Target parking lot while DJ collects information and tells me where to pick up my prize.

SO- needless to say, I WON! WINNA WINNA WINNA! And quite frankly it's amazing that I won considering the above. I mean, who calls the radio three times, gets through twice, and actually ends up winning? I dunno, maybe you have, but all I know is that this is the first time EVER that I have won anything on the radio. And honestly, I think it's one helluva cool prize.

If you wanna go see the movie, it actually opens up on Earth day (as in April 22nd, as in THIS Wednesday, AS IN TOMORROW). AND if you buy your tickets online for opening week, Disney will plant a tree in your honor :)

Call me a dork but this movie is going to be kick ass. If you're interested, you can learn more about this film here: http://disney.go.com/disneynature/earth/?cmp=dmov_dpic_earth_psg_title_earth%20movie


  1. You must have been the only person listening and/or calling in! Even the DJ wanted it to just be over! LOL. Lucky. I can't wait to see that movie.

  2. Thanks so much for including me in your foursome of tickets. I had a great time. Despite Courtney behind us asking if it was over yet. "2000 miles?!?!?!?!"

  3. "I want popcorn, I want a hot dog. Look! A dog! What's that?! Dad, I wanna go home. Dad, when is it going to be over? Oh, poor baby. DAD!"

    UGH. I could have enjoyed the movie more WITHOUT the minature peanut gallery behind us.