Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Recap

First of all, I'd like to start out today by saying that Reduced Fat Wheat Thins ROCK! They totally save me during that time between breakfast and lunch when I'm sitting at my desk ready to chew my arm off because I'm STARVING (yes I have breakfast in the mornings, but just about 20 mins before lunch, I find myself feeling as if I've been trapped on a deserted island with nothing but sand and coconuts). Plus, these wheat thins satisfy my salt cravings. I can never get enough salt.

That being said, I'm now going to mention how disgusted I am with this weather. Wind, Snow, Wind, Snow, COLD COLD COLD. SUCKS. I'm SO ready for spring, tulips, blue skies, warm sun, birds chirping, and green grass. GOOD BYE to ice patches, having to wear a heavy coat, cleaning snow off my car, accident reports on the news due to weather conditions, freezing cold wind, and everything looking dead. Come on March- in like a lion right? Well, bring on the lamb. I'm ready. I can handle it, I WANT to handle it.

The weekend? It was boring, but in a good way boring. Michael and I hung out at home on Friday night. I made spaghetti to surprise him when he walked in the door (his favorite). He has been out of town for work training for the past two weeks and I figured he would be tired, hungry, and sick of fast food... thus the spaghetti. Then we went and rented 3 movies, and snuggled in for a long relaxing weekend.
UPDATE: Movies sucked. All Three. Bummer nothing good has come out lately.

On Saturday we went car shopping in Provo. I'm looking for another AUDI and I refuse to buy another car from Dave Strong in SLC, so we made our way to Ken Garff in Provo. Didn't find anything, but Mom and Grandma came up to meet us for lunch at Red Lobster (yay lobster fest) and then we did a little shopping at the over priced Kohl's. After that, Michael and I headed back home for another crappy movie. Then we watched KeeLee struggle to find a good hiding spot for her bone. She ended up going with the bottom of Michael's suit case. Probably because he still had clothes in there and it made for good digging. After crappy movie, we took a break for ice cream, and then decided we'd better have some nachos (you know, to balance out the sweet vs salty cravings). No I'm not prego. Yes I have PMS.

On Sunday, we made our way to the man cave (aka basement) and organized and unpacked some of the boxes that have been sitting there since move in day. Actually, Michael did most of the unpacking since it was pretty much all of his stuff. I organized my holiday decorations, found a box of items I was hoping hadn't gotten lost in the move, and entertained the dog. Oh, and we moved all the clocks forward. YEAH for this time change. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having an extra hour of sunlight when I get home from work. However, where is the sun today I ask? Hidden behind snow clouds :(

That about sums up the weekend. Oh, except I forgot to mention we had to look behind all the pillows on the couches because KeeLee decided to help herself to the bag of bite sized snickers minis in Michael's suit case. She downed a few given that we found some empty wrappers on the floor, but then I caught her digging behind the pillows on the sofa and when Michael decided to look behind them, he found more snickers. Guess the dog had a craving for sweets this weekend.

So that's it in a nutshell. I'm looking forward to being home this evening relaxing with Michael, wearing comfy pj's and eating a good home-cooked dinner (I started marinating chicken last night). I live for free time...don't we all? :)


  1. What 3 crappy movies did you rent? I will be sure and steer clear of them.

  2. You know, they were so crappy I can't even remember the names of them. I'll look tonight and let you know.

  3. KeeLee can eat chocolate? Wow, I've never heard of such a thing!

  4. KeeLee SHOULDN'T eat chocolate- hence the three piles of coco barf on my new carpet that I got to clean up when I got home from work. UGH. Thank goodness for the little green bissell machine. Works magic :)