Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Plans and Things

After a crappy dinner (chicken was dry, I used regular rice instead of minute rice, we didn't eat until 9:30...ugh) I settled in for a short evening of TV and playing Bejeweled on the laptop. I turned the TV to one of mine and Michael's favorite channels: HGTV. We're new home owners and we have plans to do many house projects in the near future (or at least when our budgets will allow). Projects include updating the kitchen, painting, and laying tile/ updating the counter/cupboards in the master bathroom as well. So needless to say, HGTV offers a LOT of great tips; and it's where I get a lot of fun home improvement ideas.

SO- last night's show was based on this woman who decided to put all her furniture in storage and move to a condo in the Caribbean. *JEALOUS* For those of you who know me, I don't know WHAT I'M DOING living in the cold, snowy mountains of Utah. I'm a water girl at heart. I love the beach and feel at home when I'm near it. More than just love it because it's beautiful, I actually feel more energized when I'm near the ocean. I looked and looked for a job in my dream town of Wilmington, North Carolina when Michael was still in the Marines, but didn't find anything in my field. Thus he got a job with Homeland Security and moved here.

Anyway, after drooling over the opportunity this woman had just given herself, and turning green with envy over the less than two minute walk to the aqua beach (she gets to fall asleep every night listening to the waves crash upon the sand), I turned to Michael and said "That's where we are retiring; I will die on a beach." And because my wonderful husband is a numbers man, an awesome financial planner, and is in as much love with the beach as I am... we now have a plan.

PLAN: We're going to put money away for a simple but comfortable living space somewhere in a tropical paradise. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to purchase and enjoy it BEFORE retirement (crossing fingers), but if not, at least we'll be there some day. But mark my words, we have a DOABLE plan. And the plan includes white sandy beaches, palm trees, aqua blue water, and the sound of waves lulling me off to dream land every night.

Most importantly, this plan includes my sanity, because I know one day I'll be there. And although it will be a dream come true, Michael and I won't have to call it a vacation- because we'll be too busy calling it home :)


  1. Your plan also includes a bedroom for me, correct? Good. Just as long as we're clear.

  2. LOL Sure- as long as you're contributing to the retirement fund :)

  3. I found a dime on the floor of my car yesterday, can I contribute (and subsequently have a bedroom in this wonderful home)?

  4. Uh, totally... You don't mind catching your own dinner do you? Ocean is close :)