Friday, March 6, 2009

25 Things I Love and Love to Hate

I love:
1- Putting on comfy clothes when I get home from work
2- The way my puppy comes to say goodmorning as soon as the alarm goes off
3- Going on vacations
4- Purses
5- Looking through old pictures of friends and family
6- When it rains and I get to be home with a good book
7- Realizing it's not as late in the day as you think it is
8- Pottery
9- Getting new makeup
10- Peanutbutter
11- Getting an unexpected call from a good friend
12- Michael's eyes
13- The sound of waves crashing on a beach
14- Pay day
15- A full tank of gas
16- Summers in North Carolina
17- U.S. History
18- People watching
19- Getting an awesome parking spot
20- Finding money in a coat you haven't worn forever
21- Getting a strike at bowling
22- Fireflies
23- The smell of the air conditioner at my parent's house in the summer
24- Making smores around a camp fire
25- Star gazing

I hate:
1- People who cut you off on the freeway
2- Hearing that it's going to snow again
3- Being tired at work
4- Feeling obligated to do something
5- Eating lunch by myself
6- Sweating
7- Folding socks
8- Cleaning out the fridge
9- Having a mess so big you don't know where to start (unpacking)
10- The paint color in my family and formal dining room
11- Waiting for an oil change
12- Too many commercials
13- Dropped calls
14- Looking for my car keys
15- Bad hair days
16- Sorting laundry
17- Parents who let their children run crazy in public places
18- Being barefoot
19- When a good book ends and I don't know what to read next
20- Science fiction movies
21- Cartoons
22- Being too hot to sleep
23- Jell-O
24- Fighting with insurance companies
25- Repeaters- people who say the same thing in the same conversation over and over agian

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