Friday, March 20, 2009

Today's Accomplishments

Today I managed to:
  • Register both mine and Michael's birthdays with Disney parks so we can get in free if we ever end up there on our b-day.
  • Go to Westminster to be measured for my cap and gown. I get to pick up everything including my master's hood in May- so I guess in a sense, this is a bigger accomplishment considering it is my masters degree :)
  • Have lunch with a former co-worker. We went to Dask's for Greek food. It was yummy, and the company and conversation was delightful.
  • Get some much needed vitamin D on my cheeks, arms and neck. Oh how good the sun feels kissing my skin after a long, gray winter.
  • Paint color swatches of three different shades on the walls in my living room. I'm horrible with decisions so my walls currently look like a patchwork quilt as I have about 8 different squares of colors painted in various spots throughout the room. I'm evaluating all of them in both natural sunlight and artificial. Hey- I want to make sure I pick a good one, and I refuse to paint until I'm satisfied with the choice I've made. Poor Michael... his patience with me is truly amazing.
  • Start a yummy dinner that is now simmering in the crock pot. I wanted to have a nice home cooked dinner ready for Michael when he got home considering he took me out for steak and shrimp last night.
  • Play frisbee with KeeLee in the backyard. I think she's excited the sun is out too.

The only thing I didn't manage to do today was pick a paint color and buy a car. Shucks. I really wanted to talk to more salesmen today :P

I think I'll spend the rest of this late afternoon reading my book while I wait for Michael to get home from work. Oh how I love the quietness of evening, especially when that evening is that of a Friday. I have two glorious, free days ahead of me. I think I've mentioned before how I live for the weekends :)

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