Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Audi is Outtie

Car Shopping. UGH. I hate the thought of it. I hate the salesmen. I hate haggling over price, payment, etc...

And what I hate most is that I HAVE to do it. Like tonight. Like Right NOW.
As in, I'm leaving work after I hit "post" to this blog so I can go pick up Michael (so I don't have to experience the Hell of car shopping alone).
As in, within the next 30 minutes, I'll be on some car lot with a sleazy, overly eager salesman telling me exactly what car I can't live without, how much I'm going to enjoy it, and that I can in fact afford it.
As in, I'll need a good stiff drink before the night is over.
As in I'm feeling sick to my stomach.

Lovely. Just what I wanted to do.

I'll give you the update tomorrow if I survive.


  1. At least you can say you owned your dream car. The EXACT car that you wanted. Then you sold it.

  2. So true. I think that's why I'm dreading buying a new one. I'm emotionally attached to it!