Monday, May 17, 2010

What's Worse?

Being the one who leaves or the one who gets left behind?

If you ask KeeLee, it's the being the one who gets left behind. I see little sad eyes whenever I grab my car keys and mention the phrase "You have to stay, baby." Breaks my heart cuz she wants to go for a ride in the car so bad. Sometimes she even jets out the door before I can stop her and waits by my car as if this time will somehow be different.

This week Michael is in D.C. giving a speech on an audit he did as well as attending the National Auditors Conference. He left this morning at 7:45 and won't be back until Friday and I'm already going stir crazy. Granted, he'd be at work right now anyway if he were here, but at least I know that means he's coming home at 5:30. What am I going to do till Friday? I HATE being bored. HATE IT!

That, and I miss him. I already did the whole Michael is 3,000 miles away for the first year and a half of our marriage, but it seems that every other month he's got some work trip to go on. Since January alone he's been to New Orleans for two weeks, St. George for a week, now DC for a week and then we're looking at another week long trip in June followed by yet another one in July. I really don't like it all that much, but I guess that's the life of a fancy schmancy Homeland Security Auditor.


  1. Bored? You are MORE than welcome to come help me wrangle kids....I've got my 3 plus my friend's 2 until Wednesday night. The grass is alwasy greener I guess...what I'd give to have a full week to myself these days!

  2. don't worry I'll be there soon to keep you busy and happy - you'll take at least 3 hours giving me the tour of the entirely new house you have.