Thursday, May 6, 2010

That's What You Get for Waking Up In Vegas

Last Thursday, Michael and I hopped in the car and took off for Vegas. No, it wasn't a spontaneous trip, but I like to make it sound like it was :)

We needed to get the hell outta dodge for a bit, and this little excursion was pretty affordable. Plus, our friends Jeff and Melissa were going as well so we figured we'd join in the fun.

The good things about Vegas:

The people watching is out of this world.
Never in my life have I seen so many crazy skanks take a roll of plastic wrap and try and make a dress out of it. I'm not kidding either. I saw so many coochies and ass cheeks hanging out of thread bare material, that by the time we left on Sunday, nothing would have shocked me. I had been de-sensitized. There were even women with some women who looked normal in shape and size, but once you got a side view, you were like "How did she get that ass in those pants? Run from across the room and jump in?" Seriously. It was unreal.

There were celebrities. Jeff sat down to play black jack at the Wynn, and apparently was playing cards with Michael J. Fox. Although disguised in a hat, sun glasses, and jacket, the rumor was out. And Jeff also mentioned that the shakes gave it away. (Not trying to knock the Fox, but Jeff said he really did have the shakes).

And in addition to Jeff's sighting, I almost ran smack dab into Stephen Mayor (for those of you who watch True Blood, I'm referring to Vampire Bill Compton, Sookie's one and only love). Yeah, at the MGM trying to walk amongst the sea of people there for the big boxing match, and who do I almost knock over. Fantastic. (I hear that Conan O'Brian -my favorite late night show host EVER- was right next door to the Wynn at the Encore having lunch. Didn't see him, but we we probably shared the same oxygen at some point considering it's very limited out there with all the cigarette smoke and all.

The weather was good enough to sit out at the pool. Although it was super windy, and it wasn't as warm as we were hoping for (only got up to about 70 degrees), it was still nice enough weather to enjoy being outside and taking advantage of the pools at both the Wynn and the new Hilton Grand Resort. I didn't get much of a sun tan, but hey, we were sitting up in Salt Lake freezing our butts off in the snow so I can't complain. Here's a picture taken from the pool side table where Michael and I enjoyed lunch Friday afternoon:

La Reve was amazing. This is the new show at the Wynn and it is flippin fantastic. There is not a bad seat in the theatre and I really mean that. It's a theatre in the round, and there really isn't a stage, it's a pool. I can't even explain how amazing it was to watch people dive, swim, do acrobatics, dance, and on and on and on. They did it all, and between the costumes, the music, the talent, the effects... it was my favorite part of the entire trip. Security was really strict about taking pictures during the performance, but after the show ended, I was able to snap a few shots. This hardly does it justice but for what it's worth...

We had some awesome food. If you like Italian food, (more specifically, Chicken Parmesan) then you must try Maggiano'sLittle Italy when you are there. It's located right across the street from the Wynn, and is located on the second level of the shopping mall mecca. It's easy to get to, but if you plan on eating there in the evening, stop by earlier and make a reservation. Otherwise, you might be waiting a while.

Other fun things included the Body's World Exhibit at the Luxor. Melissa and I went to that while the guys played Black Jack. We tried the buffet at the Wynn (you have to try at least one buffet while in Vegas, but I gotta say, the one at the Bellagio is by far the best). We also took advantage of the free drinks, playing the new Sex In the City slot machine (I didn't win any money but every time Melissa sat down to play something, she did) and have I mentioned the people watching was fantastic?

Speaking of people, while enjoying some sun at the pool at the Wynn, we almost ran right into Melissa's ex-fiance. What are the odds right? (If I ever said "what are the odds" in Vegas, you'd think it would be because I was winning a billion dollars, but no... not the case).

The ride home sucked. We had to add an extra two hours to the trip so we could stop in Price and pick up KeeLee but boy was she the happiest puppy ever. And I was glad to have her back.
All in all, it was a quick little excursion but not one I'd consider relaxing. Vegas takes a lot out of you. Between the walking all over, the drinking, and the exhausting people watching, Vegas is kind of a cracked out vacation. And after about two days, I'm kinda done being there. Thank goodness our next trip is going to be Hawaii. I don't know that the people watching will be as good there as it was in Vegas, but I know the weather will be awesome, and so will the beach :)

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