Friday, January 22, 2010

Virginia's Solstice

There was a summer that smelled of oranges,
Where thick humidity softened the day
And I was young, sweet, and impressionable
Green hills flirted with black top for miles and miles
And the depth of Virginia's land saturated my soul

My mind cleared and peace took the place of pain
Max sat next to me on the porch swing, panting over his collar
Haze of evening carried the weight of my thoughts on her shoulders gracefully
And I was willing to let her do that for me

Because I needed the release
Because I needed the exchange
Because I longed for her harmony

I was finally free. Free to laugh, free to write, free to find a spirit
My own, the one I had locked away summers prior to that
And I knew he watched from a distance, but I let him do so
He loved me for it, and I loved him for being there
He was my laughter and my escape,
Reincarnating the giddy butterflies in my stomach

There was a summer that smelled of fireworks
Where effervescent lights coveted night's sky
And I was young, sweet, and impressionable
Silver stars danced above us as we lay on our backs
Flirting on that very black top, still warm from the heat of day
And the depth of his tranquility imparted to me a gift I hope to one day return

A soft, seamless, serenity
A summer solstice in Virginia

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