Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I hate the nights where I can't sleep (much like this one).
The nights where I keep twisting and turning trying to find a comfortable position.
The nights where there is so much weighing on my mind
That not even my tempurpedic pillow can support the weight of my head.

I hate the nights where I can't find peace.
The nights where I keep thinking to myself "Brain! SHUT UP for crying out loud! You're expected to function in less than 5 hours."
The nights where I keep thinking "Okay, if I fall asleep RIGHT NOW, I'll get at least 4 1/2 hours of sleep."

I hate the nights that throw me into the depths of morning without sympathy.
The nights where expensive moments tick away beyond my control, and each second is one I can't get back.
The nights where my body aches for an unconscious moment of serene.
The very nights that will lead to my downfall the next day.

Much like this one...

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  1. I've finally learned I do much better if i just get up and start doing stuff. At my house I have to keep pretty quiet so I don't wake up the girls but if I can't sleep after an hour of laying there I get up and start doing stuff, research on the computer, folding/starting laundry, sending e-mails, craft projects. it seems insane and I'm tired the next day but I feel so much better actually getting stuff done instead of just laying there.