Monday, January 18, 2010

On the Air

Remember the wolf dream I posted about below?

Well, I was on the radio this morning having my dream analyzed by Lauri from the Dream Zone on the 97.1  ZHT-Morning Zoo radio program this morning.

My friend David was kind enough to send me the email addresses of the three dj's on this program because he has had his dreams analyzed in the past. On Thursday, I sent them an email about my dream and Frankie responded to my email asking if I'd like to go on the air Monday morning. I agreed and at 6:30 this morning, I had an early wake-up call from DB (other dj).

It was quite amazing and not what I had expected to be honest. Lauri told me that since I was surrounded by snow, in a cold environment, that meant a relationship of some sorts had grown cold in my life. She asked how things were in my marriage to which I responded great and then I mentioned that I pretty much hated my job and she said that must be it. I had grown cold to my career. Which makes sense considering in my dream I was on a path.

Lauri described the field lined by trees and a fence in my dream what I am viewing as the unobtainable career (which makes complete sense). She said I was walking on a snow covered path, more a less my career path that I had grown cold towards. Isn't it amazing how our subconscious minds try to work out our emotions in our dreams?

She then went on to explain that the wolf represented a mother and children (the wolf was female and I new she had babies hidden somewhere in the field). She asked me if I had kids and when I responded "no" she asked if this was something I wanted, or if it was a challenge I was facing in my life.

I basically explained that Michael has had a vasectomy and that we both know having children in the future is going to take some serious planning, money and effort. She explained that this is what the wolf represented in my dream (in the form of a challenge and fear of the situation) which I faced head on (thus I hit the wolf on the head with the rock).

I wanted to ask her more questions but it was over with so fast and I didn't feel like I had much time. However, what I was able to gain from this was a lot of perspective about my dream, what my subconscious is telling me, and how I am sorting through my emotions. Now if I only had time to get my other dream analyzed... perhaps in the future, but for now I have at least one explained.

If you guys have dreams that you'd like analyzed, you can visit Lauri's website at or you can tune in to 97.1 ZHT on Monday mornings.

Sweet dreams :)


  1. Cool! I was going to text you but wanted to listen to the podcast to see if it happened. That stuff about your career makes total sense and I can see the wolf too...totally not how I would've interpreted it but she's the professional:)

  2. Don't you just LOVE her? I had my dream about Jack being the Anti-Christ analyzed. She's great. I want her books.

  3. that is stinking awesome! you guys are all so famous. I need to get me on the radio for something good.

  4. Very cool. The dream analysis, I mean! So many layers in terms of relating it to the separate, yet holistic layers of your life!