Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Were humans designed to sit in little 5 x 8 cubicles for 40 hours a week or more? Because whoever says they were, well, I'd have to disagree.

As a marketing manager, I think it's funny that I'm supposed to help contribute to the bottom line and brainstorm fantastic marketing ideas that change the way we do business, when I'm cast away in a little neutral-colored box of a cubical all day, every day, week after week, month after month, year after year. This environment hardly fosters creativity (and as of lately, my productivity).

I'm tired. I'm tired of conforming to corporate America. Why? Because it sux. And it's unhealthy. And because it's probably one of the top three things that contributes to societal disease and poor health (both psychically and mentally). The human body houses a magnificent organ, the brain. Designed to think, process, create, evaluate, feel, remember, plan, and simply be. And yet society mentally sufferers from diseases like anxiety, depression, memory loss, lack of creativity, etc... I really think corporate America is to blame for much of this.

My brain is more alive and functioning on any given weekend than it is on a weekday. BECAUSE IT'S FREE! Free to think and be, free from three walls covered in textured tan cloth that's freckled with straight pins holding up colorless letters, notes, reminders and really nothing of any importance. I'm free from the computer monitor that I am forced to stare at from Monday through Friday, checking email and typing away the boring "same ole, same ole." On weekends, I'm free from constant emails and meeting reminders and messages of "high importance" and other rifraf. I can breathe in a space larger than a shoe box, it it works wonders on my body, folks.

I am slowly dying here. I'm 29 years old and I'm already wishing I were days away from my retirement. Call me crazy but I totally miss school. Even the educational system is somewhat better than the vanilla, corporate working-world. At least school encourages creativity and personal growth . All corporate America is interested in is the growth of companies. People are getting used, discarded and forgotten.

We've lost touch folks. And we've done it all for the sake of a pay check. That one piece of paper that controls our lives and destination, simply because we have bills. Bills to pay and debt to decrease. And unfortunately, as I try to escape the mundane existence of the work week, my debt increases in spontaneous escapades disguised as short-term solutions to help me escape the madness. And thus the cycle continues.

I've been sitting in a cubicle for almost 8 years now (which is probably a lot less than some people reading this but nonetheless, it's still 8 years too long). And I'm tired of it.

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