Monday, November 16, 2009

Pine Cones and Holly Berries

I did it! Yup- I went all Martha on my place for Christmas. I don't know what inspired it. Perhaps it was the fact that last week was so gloomy that I needed something bright and cheery to remind me of good times ahead. Perhaps it was the snow storm that hit on Saturday smothering the ground in a blanket of white. Whatever the influence, I put up Christmas decorations.

I usually wait until the day after Thanksgiving to put up everything. But this year I'm having the family to my house for Thanksgiving (which is going to be fun and exciting considering it's my first year in my home). And because I know my mother, grandmother, and I will be hitting the malls on Black Friday for Christmas shopping galore, I realized I wouldn't have that day to put up decorations. Therefore, I got a head start.

I didn't go all sorts of crazy. For example, my tree isn't up yet. Mainly because I'm putting it up on display in the formal living room in front of the bay window and I don't need the entire neighborhood seeing it and thinking that I've lost my mind (which wouldn't be far from the truth on some days). So yeah, I'll probably wait till next week to put that one up. Maybe I'll put it up on Saturday since I know there's another snow storm coming in. We'll see.

So what is up? Well, my mantle is decorated with red and white lights, large pearl and cappuccino colored bulbs, white wood cut outs of stars, pine cones, and holly berries. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care (I actually have a chimney now), and an old fashioned rocking horse and wooden sleigh sit on the hearth by the fire.

My staircase has garland wrapped around the railing also adorned with stars, snowflakes, holly berries, and pine cones. And I managed to whip out the Christmas-smelling candle. Michael pitched a mini fit in the family room yesterday stomping his feet on the floor while whining "And it has to smell like Christmas in here too?! That's just torture, cuz Christmas is like forever away!"

Did I mention I may never need children? My husband sorta fills that void at times.

I love how cozy the house feels. I totally enjoy bundling up at home on long winter nights, enjoying the lights, the smells, and the homey feeling that the holidays and all the decorations can bestow upon us.

Next up will be the Christmas music. I might bust that out on Saturday as I decorate the tree. I wonder what my hubby will think of that. I'm sure he'll flee to the man-cave where he can have control of the remote and watch football all day.


  1. Ok, I can allow for the decorations but I MUST put my foot down on the Christmas music!! You're falling into the trap that KOZY and FM100 fell into allowing everyone else to fall into it! There cannot be Christmas music until AFTER Thanksgiving! LOL

    But....if you need it, you can borrow...."I'm the Christmas Queen at Christmas Ball!" LOL

  2. Dave- I agree. I usually don't do the music before Thanksgiving (unless I'm singing in choir and then it starts up in October). However, I hear it's supposed to snow again on Saturday and that might just get me in the mood for some tunes... we'll see :)