Monday, October 26, 2009

H A Double L O W Double E N

Halloween rocks my socks off. I simply love it. I love the smells in the air of moist soil under my shoes, dying leaves, and the crispness in the air. I love the smell of soups simmering on the stove, and hot rolls in the oven. Basically, I love everything about this season, including the holiday that kicks it all off.

This weekend was filled with Halloween goodness. The festivities kicked off on Friday night with my kitchen filled with plump orange pumpkins, various carving tools, piles of pumpkin guts, carving templates, a white-trash table cloth to dispose of the ooey-gooey pumpkin-carving party evidence, and 6 adults who were on a Halloween candy sugar high.

The pumpkins turned out fan-freakin-tabulous and they looked so cute sitting on the perimeter of my deck. Quite some talented carving folks we are, if you ask me. And you didn't really, but I'm telling you anyway :)

Saturday was fun as well. Michael and I spent the greater half of the day preparing for our Halloween shin-dig. There was cleaning to be done (especially after the pumpkin carving party) and there were goulies to make and witches to brew.

Started early on my carmel popcorn balls (the popcorn needed time to set up before I could roll the balls and put them in my festively decorated cellophane bags). I popped 5 bags of popcorn (burning half of one so the house smelled just lovely) and got working on the carmel sauce on the stove. Michael helped me get the popcorn covered with the sugary goodness, and roll the balls. They turned out AWESOME! And I didn't even burn myself with the hot carmel (or the dog which is amazing considering her favorite place to be while I'm cooking is right under my feet, under the stove). So to say the least, I was pretty satisfied.

I also made clam dip (don't knock it till you try it) and Halloweenies (yeah you read that right, and they're little cocktail sausages that marinate in brown sugar, grape jelly and bbq sauce so don't knock those till you try them either).

The chips were bought, the table was set with cute paper plates and foil autumn leaves confetti, and the guests were arriving.

There was socializing inside, as well as around the fire pit on the deck (which was lit with orang/purpleish Halloween lights, and the pumpkins from the night before).

We ended up in the basement playing Rockband (which is always a favorite of mine).

Some people came in costume. We had a magician, Caesar, a devil, a horribly dressed person (my husband, in his god-awful red and black shiny shirt that looks like something out of a drag queen/pimp's closet....nothing against a drag queen, but it's just not quite my hubby), and then me. I was kind of a mix between Wednesday Adams, a goth girl, and a witch. Don't ask cuz I dunno. I just know I wasn't wearing my typical everyday gear.

Anyway, this post is getting way too long and it's time for pictures because I actually took some (shocker! I KNOW!). So without further adieu, I present this weekend, in pictures:

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