Thursday, September 10, 2009

This Post Begs the Question: What Did I Do Last Night?

Um-- I am in pain. Lot's of pain. Pain that reminds me why I don't drink anymore. I'm experiencing a medical hang over.

Yesterday I had to take an oral sedative prior to the dentist appointment. I wasn't feeling much on my way there, and I even told my husband that they'd better be planning on giving me more because I wasn't phased in the least.

And give me more they did.

I had three more pills crushed up and placed under my tongue once there. And then the gas. The last thing I remember was the dentist giving me a shot to numb me and I didn't feel it, nor care what he was doing. The next thing I remember was being at home watching a DVD with my hubby.

I guess I slept all the way home. Michael put me into bed around 4:30 and I woke up around 8:30. Apparently I went downstairs and he made me mac n cheese, I drank a Dr. Pepper, and then we watched some more episodes of a TV serious we have on DVD.

I don't remember anything other than going to the dentist, and watching TV before bed. I emailed Michael this morning to ask him what all happened last night because I didn't remember, but that I was SURE he had made mac n cheese. I just wanted to verify that I hadn't made the whole thing up in my head.

Today I feel horrible. I'm fighting the urge to spew all over this key board. I'm clammy, sweaty, worn out, and my head feels like someone struck me with a baseball bat. Oh, and my mouth hurts. Cold water is killing my back molars on the left side, and I can't chew with them either. Therefore I look like a chipmunk when eating.

I think next time I'll fore go the cavities, the cleanings, and everything else. Give me veneers (or dentures) cuz at this point, I'm DONE with the dentist.

Oye vey

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