Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I did it. I chopped it off. 6 inches and all it's glory on the floor as I sit there in the salon gazing into a mirror, looking at a person I don't recognize. BUT IT WAS SO COOL.

I have had long hair all my life. But I've needed a change. Two weeks ago I came across a picture in a magazine of a hair style I loved (but it was short). I wanted to try it, but I was freaking out a bit. And then yesterday, something just clicked in my head and I decided I was going to do it. Yup, CHOP IT OFF. Considering how much hair I had, and how thick it is, chop is the correct term here folks. I kept looking at the pile on the floor and tried not to freak out but I almost lost it when my hair stylist said "We could make a wig out of all this hair! LOOK AT HOW MUCH IS ON THE FLOOR!" I snuck a peek but that was all I could handle. I didn't want to cry.

So now it sits just above my shoulders (I'd show you but I'm not anywhere near a camera right now). It's light, it's sassy, and it's provided me with a new feeling. Isn't it funny how refreshed you can feel when you get a new look? I kinda feel like a new person. And it's a good thing :)

Last night as Michael and I were laying in bed watching TV, all these commercials came on for hair products (of course I notice them, now that I'm paying attention). Hair color products, shampoo products, and so forth. And for a second I started to panic. These women all had long, lush, beautiful hair and for a moment, I wanted to put my hand behind my head and feel my long thick curls that were no longer there. So I turned to Michael in a moment of hesitation (a moment too late that is) and asked "Honey, do you think I'm going to regret cutting my hair?"

To which he replied "Yes, you will for now until you get used to it" which is probably the honest truth. That hubby of mine, he knows me so well.

But, when I woke up this morning and went to do my hair, I didn't regret it. I liked looking different for a change. I liked not having to brush my hair forever, and I like not having to put hot rollers in my hair, and then mess with taking them out, and then mess with the curls that didn't curl the right way, and then try to get some volume which was close to impossible because my hair is so thick that when it was that long it was heavy.

Nope, this morning I walked in, ran a brush through it, used a flat iron in a few spots, teased the top a little bit (and it actually stayed because all the weight is off the back), and walked out the door. WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SOONER?!

Probably because everyone was always complimenting my hair, telling me how beautiful it was, how they wanted my curls, blah blah... it made me hold onto it. But now that I've let it go, I found that people love it. Everyone at work today has complimented me, and that feels great. They seem sincere, (not like, oh we better tell Michelle her hair looks cute because she obviously got a horrible hair cut) and I found that short or long, I am proud of my hair. It is beautiful, and it makes me feel beautiful. And that's okay. We all need something that makes us feel that way right?

Anyway, I'll fire up the digital when I get home and add a pic to the post so you can see/judge for yourself :)

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