Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'm missing North Carolina today.

I found myself driving to work listening to music that always takes me back to the beach there. Isn't it funny how things like music and smells can take you back to a specific time or event as if it just happened? It's like my mind has a CD labeled "North Carolina Soundtrack" and I just get carried away to her coast when I hear those familiar melodies.

I miss having a reason to escape there, now that Michael is here. North Carolina was my perfect hide away from Utah. It's a place I went for rejuvenation. Of course my main reason for going was to see Michael, that was always the best part of the trip. But the other best part of each trip was the way we spent our time there, doing things together, and just soaking up the sea breeze and digging our toes in the sand.

I miss our leisurely drives where we'd look at the coastal style houses that always had a wrap around porch I could fall in love with. And the vibrant colors the houses were painted, with mismatched, weathered Adirondack chairs.

I miss North Carolina today.

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