Thursday, March 12, 2009

So Many Reasons, So Much to Love

There are so many things I love about Michael. For instance, he was sweet enough to buy me fresh flowers last night, among a basket full of other miscellaneous items at Target. I needed a few things so when he got home I mentioned to him that I wanted to go to the store (Target is my favorite place to go if I have grocery/home shopping to do). Instead of saying something like "Do I have to go?" or "Wouldn't you rather go by yourself?" he just said "Okay, want me to drive?" and we were off.

I love the fact that when I walked through the automatic doors and was immediately drawn to the fresh flowers display located next to the fruits and veggies expressing that I wanted to look for a second, he didn't say "Come on, we don't need those." Instead, he let me spend 5 minutes looking at all the different kinds of flowers, evaluating which ones looked like they would last the longest, and what types and colors there were. He didn't rush me. He didn't ask why we were looking. He just let me look, probably knowing full well I'd put some in our shopping basket. And when I made my final selection, he didn't ask "How much are those?" or "Why are we getting flowers?" He just let me put them in the cart and we continued on with our shopping.

I love that he allows me to be myself: crazy, stubborn, selfish, sometimes demanding, silly, and the occasional whiner. He eats what I cook for diner, even if it's too dry, crispy, or not his favorite. When I burn our grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, he calls it "Cajun style" and eats it anyway. And when he comes home and I've already changed out of my work clothes into some awful, unflattering pair of "fat pants" with my hair pulled back in a messy 1/2 bun 1/2 pony tail, he still gives me a kiss hello, a big hug, asks how my day was, and never once says "jeez, you look sloppy."

I'm one of the lucky ones who married a guy who doesn't comment when I leave dishes in the sink from the night before. Michael never says "Wow, you're makeup is all over the bathroom counter!" Instead, he lets me make a giant mess of the bathroom, decorating our shared space with half filled cans of hair spray, moose, gel, brushes, combs, hot rollers, curling irons, make-up, etc...

I get to sleep in as long as I want on weekends, and hang out on the couch all day Sunday watching America's Next Top Model and he never says anything to make me feel guilty for it. He's great at making sure KeeLee is fed and takes her for a walk every day. Sometimes twice. He takes the garbage out on Wednesday mornings, and brings it back in after the garbage man has come. He does laundry and loads and the dishwasher without telling me it's the wife's responsibility. He helps me clean house and change sheets and fold towels and everything else that goes into the upkeep of a house. And he never asks "Aren't we done yet?" I love that.

He lets me pick which movie we're going to see, and buys me kettle corn once we're there. He gives me his jacket when I'm cold and tells me that I'm beautiful on my most unattractive days. He lets me complain about being fat and never says "then do something about it." He never comments that I shouldn't have that when I put a package of double stuffed Oreo's in our shopping cart. He doesn't shake his head when I pour myself a Dr. Pepper at 9:30 at night.

But more than anything, I love that he is the kindest, sweetest man in this world, and he's in love with me. I don't know how or why I got so lucky, but I did. I wake up every morning next to the most wonderful man I have ever known, and I always drift asleep after hearing his soft "Love you sweetie!" And I don't think it gets better than that :)

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  1. That post made me throw up in my mouth just a little bit. Just kidding. Does Michael want to clone himself?