Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I hate to even admit that I got sucked in to the "reality" show "The Bachelor" but I did. I can proudly say that I didn't watch this from the beginning, however. I think the first episode I watched was the one where Jason got to meet the girls' families. After the whole bury the dove incident, I had to watch. I mean, who doesn't get sucked in when there's a complete train wreck on TV?!

So why did I continue watching? Well for starters, I actually liked Jason. I thought to myself here's a really handsome, gentle, kind and caring person, and I hope he really does find what he's looking for. Mind you, I have never watched this show before because I don't prefer investing my personal time watching fake people try to win whatever contest is at the base of these reality shows. That being said, Jason sucked me right in.

So here are my down and dirty opinions:

  1. I wanted him to pick Melissa. From what I could tell, they really had chemistry and she was adorable. They just complimented each other and appeared to make a really great couple.
  2. There's something off about Molly. She's not emotional enough or something. And the way she ends her statements as if they were actually questions when she's talking drives me insane.
  3. I want to know what went down in the 6 weeks Jason and Melissa dated. If things just didn't work out because Jason couldn't get Molly out of his head, then shame on Jason for proposing to Melissa in the first place. Way to give your supposedly future wife and relationship an honest and fair start.
  4. I can't believe Jason didn't take his personal issues off camera. Why in the world did his break up with Melissa have to be public (6 weeks after the fact and the show had ended).
  5. Molly- even though you are odd, you're a smart enough girl to realize Jason wronged Melissa, on so many levels. Recognize that. Think about it. Process it.
  6. Jason- I am torn because I think you have a valid point and that is that nobody should marry someone they aren't in love with. But stop and think about why you're really NOT in love with Melissa. Ask yourself if you gave her a fair chance. Then ask yourself if the same thing would have happened had you asked Molly to marry you first. Would you have been able to stop thinking about Melissa?
  7. ABC- shame on you for allowing Jason to humiliate Melissa on screen. The show was over. Don't beat a dead horse just for ratings, especially at the expense of Melissa.
  8. Gillian- Thank God you got out when you did. You're the luckiest girl of them all.
  9. This is a good reminder for me as to why I do NOT watch reality TV.
  10. All of this has made me so very thankful that I have a loving, mature, genuine husband who has given 100% of himself to me. I'm so glad he has all the qualities I THOUGHT Jason had as well. I am so lucky to be loved by Michael.

There you have it. My rant, my rave, my thoughts. Just one last question for Jason:

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