Monday, March 30, 2009

In Your Easter Bonnet, with all the Snowflakes Upon It

Um, what's going on with the weather? For those of you NOT living in Utah, you're probably unaware of the fact that it is still winter here, and spring seems to be eons away.

Snow? It's the end of March! Yesterday morning Michael and I (along with the rest of Salt Lake City) woke up to a thick blanket of the cold, wet, white, fluffy stuff. Not only was everything covered in snow, but it was STILL snowing. The roads were a mess, the birds were like "Seriously?!" and my mood sank to depths of gray, much like the color of the world outside my window.

I hate snow when there's supposed to be green grass and tulips blooming outside. I hate that I can't pack away the sweaters and dig out the skirts and t-shirts because even though the calendar says it's spring, Mother Nature is exerting her dominance.

I think Christmas and Easter should swap locations on the calendar. How many years now have we all been "dreaming of a white Christmas" only to receive a few little sympathy flakes. And yet, when Easter rolls around and we're supposed to hunt for eggs outside in the grass while little girls run around in dresses and bonnets, we're all too busy griping about how cold and yucky it is outside. Let's just switch the holidays and then Christmas can feel more like Christmas and we won't have to be disappointed in the lack of spring-like weather for Easter.

Two more snow storms this week. One scheduled for Wednesday (yup that's right, April fools day). I guess the joke is on us. I know we need the water, and for that I'm grateful, but I NEED SUNSHINE! And a TAN! I am so white it's scary. Besides, a little vitamin D would do us all some good.

*sigh* You won't see me building a snowman any time soon. Maybe I'll build a snow bunny and some frozen Easter eggs. HUMPH!


  1. Once March hits and winter is still upon us, I get grumpy and depressed. That's pretty much where I am now. I am supposed to take Jack to an Easter Egg Hunt this weekend but if the weather doesn't improve, we will be tromping around in the snow.

  2. Okay I see two potential reasons for this. The first being that you have taken the winter from california, not that we every really have a winter season, but it at least gets to be close to jacket weather, and this year... not so much.
    Second possible reason, Mother nature is not exerting her dominance, but in a loving and motherly way, she is helping out, people are busier than ever, and some too poor to by paint, so how does a good mother handle this? She makes it so that its snowing so that you have an excuse not to hid eggs, but if you are one of those die hard easter egg hider people but can't afford the paint, no worries, the egg in snow would be naturally camoflauged.