Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ooh Rah! Semper Fi! Devil Dog! Yut Yut!

Today is a very special day for Michael. After serving for 20 years in the United States Marine Corps, he is now officially retired.

I'm so excited for him, I'm so happy for him, and I'm so proud of him. Although I haven't been around for all 20 years of his service (he enlisted when I was just 8 years old, crazy to think about, I know), I have been around for the past three years.

During this time, I've been lucky enough to learn so much about the Marines. I have had the opportunity to visit places that mean so much to Michael, and to our country as well. I've attended a Marine Corps Ball in celebration of the annual birthday bash, I've stayed at Quantico Base and visited the brand new Marine Corps museum, and I've spent many days at Camp LeJune and Johnson in North Carolina. I've heard wonderful stories of amazing people that Michael has met along the way, and even received a lovely wedding letter from Oliver North congratulating Michael and I on our new life together. Through these experiences as a Marine wife, I've been inspired to write a long-distance relationship guide for military wives as my final field project for my masters degree (as many of you know, Michael and I were apart for quite some time before he was able to move to Utah).

It has been an amazing journey for me, and I'm sure an even more awesome one for Michael. I have such a respect for who he is, what he's given our country in terms of service, his personal values, and the standards he holds himself to. Simply said, my husband is an amazing man, and today I celebrate him and all he has given. I love you Michael and am so blessed to have you in my life. Congratulations on 20 years as one of the few, the proud, the Marines.

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  1. Sempre Fi, Do or Do, Kill Kill Kill!! That's what my dad always says. Congrats, Michael. He's such a stud.