Thursday, February 26, 2009

25 Things I Love, and Love to Hate

I love:
1- LOST, the ABC drama about a crazy island and all the people involved in the Oceanic flight that crashed.
2- Having my husband home.
3- Exploring the Outter Banks in North Carolina.
4- Shelling (as in looking for giant sea shells along the Outter Banks of North Carolina).
5- The changing of the seasons
6- Kettle corn
7- Dr. Pepper (ice cold, with extra ice)
8- Traveling to new places
9- Pasta
10- My dad’s laugh
11- Snuggling with my puppy
12- Climbing into my bed when it has a fresh set of laundered sheets
13- Sunsets
14- Preparing a meal and having it taste wonderful
15- Singing
16- Decorating
17- Hot cookies right out of the oven
18- Driving home from work on Friday nights knowing the weekend is ahead of me
19- Chap stick
20- Long hugs from Michael
21- Tulips
22- Having a house full of friends and laughter
23- New clothes
24- Driving my Audi
25- Wrapping paper

I hate:
1- Monday mornings
2- Working in a cubical
3- Paying bills
4- Speed limits
5- When people take their children to a movie and let them cry through it.
6- People who talk through a TV show or movie I’m trying to watch.
7- Cardboard
8- Grasshoppers
9- Dirty dishes in the sink
10- Paper cuts
11- Driving in snow
12- Heights
13- Being lied to
14- Standing room only
15- Bucket seats in cars
16- Turbulence
17- Taking down the Christmas tree
18- When people run late
19- Flakes
20- Beer
21- My first job out of college (including boss from this job)
22- George Bush
23- Humidity
24- Sales stickers that are impossible to tear off of things like picture frames, vases, etc…
25- Not being able to sleep in.

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